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One man wins top tray and half the trophies at summer show

CHAMPION grower Jim McCartney notched up 31 victories at the Caversham Allotment Holders and Gardens Association’s 115th summer

CHAMPION grower Jim McCartney notched up 31 victories at the Caversham Allotment Holders and Gardens Association’s 115th summer show.

The 64-year-old show regular, from Tilehurst, won seven of the 14 trophies that were up for grabs as well as the gold top tray award.

He won 23 prizes in the classes for flowers, fruit and vegetables. Mr McCartney’s entries included a colourful trug of arranged mixed vegetables featuring cauliflower, gourds, tomatoes, carrots, parsnips, beetroot, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes and bird-eye chilli peppers.

Also among the top scorers was Malcolm South, 75, of Hemdean Road, Caversham. He won the classes for two table marrows, foliage and flowering pot plants, three sticks of rhubarb and any other fruit sections as well as the top tray bronze award.

Colin Froud, from Caversham, won two novice trophies — the Association Cup for best vegetables and the Bert Cowlard Memorial Shield for best flowers.

He also won eight novice sections including onions, carrots, courgettes and dahlias. Children’s entries included a “tank” made using a melon with cucumber wheel, a parsnip for a cannon and a chilli for a turret, which was submitted by 12-year-old Poppy Hodge.

Her creation  came first in its class, as did her eight-year-old sister Zinnia’s best-dressed potato, which she fitted with a miniature dress and tiara.

The show took place at Caversham Hall in St John’s Road on Saturday. Volunteers served tea and homemade cake and entry was free with an optional collection at the door.

Event secretary Hazel Addington, who won the CAHA Decorative Cup for best floral art exhibit, said: “The number of entries was good although the terrible wet and cold summer we have just experienced did not help. 

“Of course, our exhibitors and semi-professional growers brought flowers, fruit and vegetables that never cease to amaze in terms of their size and quality. They had been very busy growing, cooking, making and arranging. 

“It was lovely to see so many people enjoying looking at everything our talented exhibitors had produced. 

“The home-made cakes were a real hit, as they have been in recent years, and customers enjoyed sitting while chatting to family and friends.”

Caversham Allotment Holders and Gardens Association’s summer show results


CAHA Vegetable Shield — Jim McCartney

Challenge Cup for best dish of vegetables — Jim McCartney

F G Back Trophy for best vegetable exhibit — Jim McCartney

Bernard Stretch Memorial Plaque for best dahlias — Jim McCartney

Association Cup for best novice vegetables — Colin Froud

Dorrell Cup for best flower exhibit — Jim McCartney

Open Challenge Cup for best vase of dahlias — Jim McCartney

Bert Cowlard Memorial Shield for best novice flowers — Colin Froud

Melville Cup for best fruit exhibit — Alan Watts

CAHA Decorative Cup for best floral art exhibit — Hazel Addington

Miss Gardiner Cup for best handicraft exhibit – Alwyn Schofield

Len Masters Memorial Cup for best cookery exhibit – Alwyn Schofield

RHS Banksian Medal for most prize money in horticultural classes – Jim McCartney

Muriel Porter Children’s Cup – Zinnia Hodge (8)


Four kinds of vegetables — Jim McCartney

Three white potatoes — Jim McCartney

Three coloured potatoes — Jim McCartney

Two varieties of potato — Jim McCartney

Five round onions — Jim McCartney

Nine large shallots — Jim McCartney

Nine pickling shallots — Jim McCartney

Six kinds of vegetables — Jim McCartney

Runner beans, six pods — Jim McCartney

Three carrots, long — Jim McCartney

Three carrots, stump rooted — Jim McCartney

Three beetroot — Jon Green

Two leeks — Jim McCartney

Two table marrows — Malcolm South

Three courgettes — Jon Green

Five medium tomatoes — Jon Green

Nine small tomatoes — Derek Grey

Sweetcorn, two cobs —  Ivor Carter

Three salad vegetables —Jim McCartney

Truss of tomatoes — Jim McCartney

Trug of mixed vegetables — Jim McCartney

Most oddly shaped vegetable — Hazel Addington

Longest runner bean — Alwyn Schofield

Heaviest vegetable —  Bill Hellings

Any other vegetable —  Jim McCartney


Asters, five blooms — Alwyn Schofield

Dahlias, three small cactus or semi-cactus blooms — Jim McCartney

Dahlias, five pom-pom blooms — Jim McCartney

Dahlias, one large or giant bloom — Jim McCartney

Gladioli, three spikes — Jim McCartney

Vase of hybrid tea roses, three blooms — Jim McCartney

Specimen rose, one bloom — Jim McCartney

Vase of mixed flowers — Hazel Addington

Vase of perennial — Alwyn Schofield

Foliage pot plant — Malcolm South

Flowering pot plant — Malcolm South

Vase of fresh cut herbs — Anna Froud

Novice fruit and vegetables

Three onions — Colin Froud

Three potatoes — Roy Fox

Runner beans — Alwyn Schofield

Three tomatoes — Alwyn Schofield

Marrow — Colin Froud

Beetroot — Ivor Carter

Three kinds of vegetable — Colin Froud

Three carrots —  Colin Froud

Four courgettes — Colin Froud

Any other vegetable — Alwyn Schofield

Three apples, one variety — Alan Watts

Any other kind of fruit — Alwyn Schofield

Novice flowers

Dahlias, three blooms — Colin Froud

Chrysanthemums, three blooms — Jenny Morgan

Vase of three kinds of flowers — Alwyn Schofield

Vase of flowers, one variety or mixed — Colin Froud

Specimen rose, one bloom — Alwyn Schofield

Any flower, one stem or spike — Colin Froud

Vase of mixed foliage — Hazel Addington

Floral art

“Tea Time”, arrangement in a teacup using plant materials — Poppy Hodge

Arrangement in a handled basket — Hazel Addington

Arrangement, entrant’s  choice — Emma Hodge


Five dessert apples —  Alan Watts

Five cooking apples — Alan Watts

Five plums — Derek Grey

Dish of soft fruit, one variety — Alan Watts

Three sticks of rhubarb — Malcolm South

Dish of any other fruit — Malcolm South


Photograph featuring water — Robin Hodge

Photograph, any subject — Emma Hodge

Handmade greetings card — Alwyn Schofield

Handmade lavender bag — Alwyn Schofield

Handmade Christmas decoration —  Sylvia Newnham

Other handicraft —  Jean Huelsman

Children’s section

Vehicle made from vegetable or fruit — Poppy Hodge, age 12

Edible necklace using sweets, beans or dried fruit — Poppy Hodge

Best-dressed potato — Zinnia Hodge, eight

Any home-cooked item —  Zinnia Hodge

Five flapjacks — Alwyn Schofield

Five cheese scones —  Anna Froud

Victoria sponge — Janet Fox

Five shortbread biscuits —  Alwyn Schofield  

Five cup cakes —  Emma Hodge

Loaf of bread —  Sylvia Newnham

Honey jar — Jenny Morgan

Homemade preserve — Janet  Fox

Top tray awards

Gold — Jim McCartney

Silver —  Jon Green

Bronze — Malcolm South

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