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Grower in seventh heaven as he takes top prize

A MAN was in heaven after winning seven classes to take the top prize at Caversham

A MAN was in heaven after winning seven classes to take the top prize at Caversham Horticultural Society’s autumn show.

Malcolm South, 75, of Hemdean Road, Caversham, was awarded the society’s Silver Bowl for most points in the show thanks to his vegetables, fruit and flowers.

He also won the Society Silver Challenge Cup for most points in the flower section, the Bob Turner Challenge Cup for senior citizens and the Jean Sawyer Cup for best vase of mixed garden flowers.

Mr South, who grows his fruit, vegetables and flowers at the Victoria Road allotments, said: “I grow all my vegetables to eat and I only pick out the best ones for show.  The amount of vegetables I grow will keep us going for the next six months.

“My allotment has flowers for the birds and the bees to help with pollination but I do bring some of them to show. I was very pleased to win in three of the flower classes because I am not much of an arranger.

“I was most pleased with winning the trophy for most points in show. My entries were based on quantity. I was coming second to Jim McCartney in a lot of categories. His entries are about quality.”

The show, which was held at Emmer Green Primary School in Grove Road, attracted about 100 entries from experienced to novice growers in categories for vegetables, fruit, flowers, floral art, handicrafts and children, among others.

Show veteran Mr McCartney, 64, from Tilehurst, won 14 of 18 classes in the vegetable section with his tomatoes, potatoes, onions, shallots and leeks. He was awarded five trophies including the  Jubilee Shield for most points in the vegetable, fruit and flower sections, the Ford Silver Challenge Cup for most points in the vegetable section, the Voyle Cup for the best dahlias, the  Bert Goodson Trophy for the best exhibit in the show and the National Dahlia Society Medal.  The Children’s Cup for most points in section was won by 10-year-old Toby Rae.

He won five of the nine children’s classes, including best photo of a Caversham landmark, best mustard and cress grown in an unusual container and best three brownies, earning him the McCartney Cup.

Toby’s twin brothers Anton and Giles, both 11, also won classes — Anton for the best garden item  made from Lego and Giles for best monster made from fruit and/or vegetables and best garden in a half seed tray, which he made with Zack Hodson.

The boys’ mother Elaine Rae won the Parsons Silver Challenge Cup for most points in the fruit section, the Whiskin Cup for most points in the domestic section and the Reading Festival Cup for roses. She also won the Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal for the exhibitor winning the most prize money in the vegetable, fruit and flower sections excluding winners from 2013 to 2015.

Society chairwoman Ann Briggs, who won a flower class for a buttonhole and the fruit liqueur class for her strawberry gin, said: “The show went really well.  We had more children’s entries than usual this year, which is good, and several children who visited said they wanted to take part next year, so it was clearly inspiring for them.

“It was a rubbish day weather-wise so the attendance was probably slightly down. We always hope for more entrants and members.”

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The full results of the Caversham Horticultural Society’s autumn show 2016 :

Jubilee Shield (most points in classes 1 to 46): Jim McCartney

Ford Silver Challenge Cup (most points in vegetable classes): Jim McCartney

Parsons Silver Challenge Cup (most points in fruit classes): Elaine Rae

Society Silver Challenge Cup (most points in flower classes): Malcolm South

Balmore Cup (most points in novice classes): M Boltwood

Whiskin Cup (most points in domestic classes): Elaine Rae 

Handicraft Cup (most points in craft classes): V Lewington

Devon Cup (most points in floral art): Eileen Joyce

Bob Turner Challenge Cup (winner of class 68): Malcolm South

Jean Sawyer Cup (winner of class 69): Malcolm South

Reading Festival Cup for roses (most points): Elaine Rae

Voyle Cup (best exhibit, dahlias): Jim McCartney

National Dahlia Society Medal (most points in dahlia classes): Jim McCartney

Bert Goodson Trophy (best exhibit, whole show): Jim McCartney

Children’s Cup (most points in children’s section): Toby Rae

McCartney Cup (most points in novice or children’s section): Toby Rae

Caversham Horticultural Society Silver Bowl (most points in show): Malcolm South

RHS Banksian Medal (most prize money in vegetable, fruit and flower classes excluding winners from 2013 to 2015): Elaine Rae


Five tomaotes, one variety, stalks on: 1 Jim McCartney

Five potatoes, white:  1 Jim McCartney

Five potatoes, coloured:  1 Jim McCartney

Three onions, under 3in:  1 Jim McCartney

Three onions, to pass through a 3.5in ring: 1 Jim McCartney

Nine shallots, over 1in diameter: 1 Jim McCartney

Nine shallots under 1in diameter: 1 Val Wing

Three beetroot with 3in of stalks: 1 Jim McCartney

Three carrots with 3in of stalks: 1 Jim McCartney

Six runner beans with stalks:  1 M South

Seven French beans with stalks: 1 Jim McCartney

One corn on the cob with silks on: 1 Gillian Matthews

Truss of green tomatoes:  1 Jim McCartney

Truss of cherry tomatoes:  1 Jim McCartney

One leek: 1 Jim McCartney

One garlic bulb: 1 Malcolm South

Any other kind of vegetable: 1 Jim McCartney

Any four vegetables:  1 Jim McCartney

Vase of culinary herbs — a minimum of three kinds: 1st G Saffrey

Three courgettes, one variety:  1 Malcolm South


Three dessert apples with stalks: 1 Val Wing

Three cooking apples with stalks: 1 Val Wing

Three pears, one variety with stalks: 1 Malcolm South

Plate of three mixed fruit:  1 Gillian Matthews

Any other kind of fruit:  1 G Saffrey

Six soft fruit: 1 Elaine Rae


Three blooms of large flowered roses: 1 Elaine Rae

A rose bloom floating in a glass: 1 Malcolm South

Five blooms of collerette dahlias: 1 Malcolm South

Three blooms of dahlias, mixed varieties: 1 Jim McCartney

Three blooms of dahlias, one variety: 1 Jim McCartney

One specimen bloom of dahlia: 1 Jim McCartney

A specimen stem of pelargonium: 1 I Saffery

Vase of flowering shrubs, one variety: 1 Gillian Matthews

Vase of annuals, one variety: 1 Jim McCartney

Three stems of cosmos: 1 Elaine Rae

Vase of three stems of fuchsia, mixed: 1 Gillian Matthews

One specimen stem fuchsia: 1 Gillian Matthews

Vase of any other kind of perennials, mixed excluding flowers from above classes: 1 Jim McCartney

Six stems foliage, minimum of three varieties: 1 G Rowlands

Fuchsia in a pot: 1 P Gladman

Foliage pot plant, 6in maximum size of pot: 1 Pat Morgan

Flowering pot plant, 6in maximum size of pot: 1 Malcolm South


Three onions, one variety:  1 M Boltwood

Three potatoes, one variety:  1 G Saffrey

Any other kind of vegetable:  1 M Boltwood

Any other kind of fruit, one variety: 1 I Saffrey

Vase of mixed flowers:  1 J Brownlee

Vase of one kind of flower:  1 M Boltwood


Jar of home-produced clear honey: 1 H Blackburn

Three florentines: 1 Elaine Rae

Quiche lorraine: 1 Elaine Rae

Jar of soft fruit jam: 1 J Brownlee

Jar of marmalade: 1 I Saffrey

Three filled meringues: 1 Elaine Rae

Small bottle of fruit liqueur:  1 Ann Briggs

Victoria sandwich, raspberry jam filling, caster sugar on top: 1 Elaine Rae

Honey and lemon cake:  1 B Patrick


Longest runner bean: 1 Malcolm South

Ice cream tub-sized container of home made compost: 1 G Saffery

Six runner beans from seeds provided by Jim McCartney:  1 I Saffery

The Bob Turner Challenge Cup, senior members only: 1 M South

The Jean Sawyer Cup, vase of mixed flowers: 1 M South

Buttonhole, any flowers, with foliage: 1 Ann Briggs


Colour photograph taken on a Caversham Horticultural Society outing: 1 L King

Colour photograph of a Caversham landmark: 1 F Serjeant

Colour photograph of a bug or insect: 1 F Serjeant

A crochet item: 1 V Lewington

A decorated garden hand tool: 1 V Lewington

A Christmas tree ornament: 1 V Lewington

Floral art

Carnival: 1 Eileen Joyce

Beauty without flowers: 1 Eileen Joyce

Reflections: 1 Eileen Joyce

Petite, an exhibit: 1 Eileen Joyce

Miniature: 1 Eileen Joyce

Children’s classes

Garden in a half seed tray: 1 Giles Rae and Z Hodson

Monster made from fruit and/or vegetables: 1 Giles Rae and  Z Hodson

Mustard and cress grown in an unusual container: 1 Toby Rae

Any kind of vegetable: 1 Toby Rae

Create your favourite animal by painting a pebble: 1 Toby Rae

An item for the garden made from Lego: 1 Anton Rae

A photo of a Caversham landmark: 1 Toby Rae

Three brownies, your own choice of flavour: 1 Toby Rae

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