Monday, 14 June 2021

Henley 60+ Club

THIS is chairman Gill Dodds’s report to the club’s annual meeting on September 5:

THIS is chairman Gill Dodds’s report to the club’s annual meeting on September 5:

“Welcome to all, including our new Mayor, Councillor Julian Brookes.

“As I always say, Henley is so lucky to have the 60+ Club. If this had been owned by the county council, with all the financial cuts from central government that we see today, the club would have been closed.

“But we are so well supported by Henley Town Council, who own the building, look after the exterior and give us a £10,000 grant each year, and local groups, organisations and shops that we are able to continue providing the companionship and sense of belonging that this club offers its 123 members.

“Tesco has provided cream teas, Henley College students helped with bingo, Henley Rotary Club paid for the new sign and Higgs Group (publisher of the Henley Standard) printed our new leaflets to help us promote the club. These are distributed around the town, at the Citizens Advice office, the GP surgeries and the town hall.

“We welcome Sue Bishop to run our finances as our new treasurer.

“Having run the finances of The Henley College for years, she is well placed to help run our finances and we are really grateful to Sue for joining us.

“Richard Hodgkin has been looking after the fabric of the building for us for some years, getting things repaired and liaising with the town council over repairs

“Sadly, he is standing down from the management committee. so I would like to present him with this small gift to say thank you.

“I have spoken with Paul Ilett, who has helped us with DIY jobs at the surgery, and he is willing to help in the future.

“Theresa Palmer, Mo Smith and myself have developed a rota to help with Friday afternoon bingo.

“It is such fun, working really well and the feedback we get is that we are really useful, running up and down with winning numbers, helping with teas, washing up etc.

“If anyone else wants to join us they are most welcome to join our rota. I must thank Anne Eggleton for being chairman of the members’ committee, running the bingo and raffle and teas in her garden and all that she does for the club. It is greatly appreciated.

“I would also like to thank the Henley Festival who treated us to a performance by Ben Waters followed by a free lunch.

“ The members thought the performance was wonderful and we are delighted to hear that the festival will repeat this most generous offer again next year.

“I would like to say thank you also to the HandyBus for the wonderful service it provides to members.

“Thank you also to our managers, Lynda Mortimer and Connie Butt, our hairdresser Janet, Melissa our cleaner and Marek our chef.

“Also many thanks to the management committee, Liz our secretary and Henley Town Council for its continued support.”

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