Monday, 02 August 2021

Henley sceptics & believers discussion group

THE group is moving to a new venue, the Catherine Wheel in Hart Street, Henley, for its evening meetings, starting on Tuesday, February 21.

We warmly welcome new members.

We will be spending an evening exploring “God’s character in the Bible”.

God is the central character in the Bible and there appears to be considerable character development through the overall story.

In particular in the Old Testament God is shown to be more of the smiting kind, while the God of Jesus welcomed the sinful and loved his enemies.

We’ll start with short talks discussing how the early church dealt with this together with current approaches to the issue.

Then the main format of the evening will be discussion, both as a whole group and then round tables.

Please come along and get involved. No background knowledge is required to contribute, to question, to listen or to give your views.

Do come in time to buy a drink and chat at 7.45pm before the formal start at 8pm (finish 10pm).

Dates of future meetings are March 21, April 18 and May 16.

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