Monday, 14 June 2021

Green team

Green team

A new volunteer group has been launched to maintain Kingwood Common.

The Chiltern Society has joined forces with the Nettlebed and District Commons Conservators, which is responsible for the woodland, to form the group.

The volunteers will focus on clearing unwanted scrub and invasive plants in order to help rare and threatened plants thrive and continue to restore open-glade habitats across the common. Earlier this month, 24 members began clearing bracken, brambles and self-seeding saplings.

The group is supported by the Trust for Oxfordshire Environment with funding from Grundon Waste Management for tools and equipment.

Gavin Johnson, head of conservation and development at the Chiltern Society, said: “Kingwood Common’s network of lowland heathland and grassland habits supports a range of rare species which are not found in other habitats.

Plants such as bell heather, heath bedstraw and heath milkwort are rare nationally but particularly so in Oxfordshire.

The common is an important site for biodiversity and heritage and a wonderful natural asset.” Kingwood Common is in Peppard parish and covers more than 60 hectares.

It is mostly wooded with young birch and oak trees.

The group will meet regularly throughout the year. To volunteer, call Mr Johnson on 01494 771250 or email group leader Matthew Davis at

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