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Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society

THE lecture programme for the rest of 2018 is as follows:

October 13, 1pm at the Oakwood Centre, Headey Road, Woodley, Reading RG5 4JZ — Annual meeting followed at 2pm by the Philip Wickens memorial lecture by Dr Helen Strudwick on “New light on the coffins of Nespawershefyt”.

As part of the Fitzwilliam Museum’s Egyptian coffins project, the elaborate coffin set of Nespawershefyt has been the subject of intense study over the last few years.

This talk will reveal new findings from that research and explore the interaction between such coffins and light during burial rituals.

November 10 at 2pm at the Oakwood Centre — Dr Alex Loktionov on “To hear or to divide words — the changing face of Egyptian justice, 2700-1700BCE”.

A new approach to prosopographic and textual analysis allows us to reconstruct the judicial landscape at the time before the New Kingdom in unprecedented detail.

This talk brings that detail to light, arguing that a previously unnoticed revolution in Egyptian justice occurred during the First Intermediate Period and led to the emergence of “lawyers” as a professional class and “law” as a definable, abstract concept.

December 8, 2pm at Coronation Hall, Headley Road, Woodley, Reading RG5 4JB — Professor Alan Lloyd on “The first Egypt-

Egyptology starts with the Ancient Egyptians, the best-known example being Khaemwese, a son of Ramesses II.

A particularly interesting case is Horapollo who wrote at the time when Pharaonic culture was almost dead. This lecture will explore aspects of ancient Egyptology to determine what these writers thought they were doing and how well, or badly, they did it.

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