Monday, 01 March 2021

Cafe Scientifique, Henley

CAFÉ Scientifique Henley presents “Bringing back the beaver” by Derek Gow, an online talk on Wednesday, December 9.

This will be a first-hand account of how the efforts to rewild beavers into the British landscape can be a critical part of fixing the UK’s growing flooding and drought problems.

Mr Gow is a farmer in Devon/Cornwall and a nature conservationist and author of Bringing Back The Beaver, published by Chelsea Green.

You can log in from 7pm for the talk at 7.30pm, followed by a break at 8.15pm and questions and answers at 8.30pm.

During the talk please mute your device and turn off your video so no background interference spoils the session.

To ask a question, please use the chat icon. We usually answer all questions in the order they are presented.

From 7pm to 7.30pm, you can leave mics and videos on if you wish to talk to the audience or someone specifically. At the end everyone will be unmuted so we can applaud.

To register, email

If you wish to run a test logging in before the day, then let us know when you register.

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