Tuesday, 02 March 2021

Henley Society

ON Wednesday, March 10 at 7pm, members of the Henley Society will be given a talk via Zoom by Michael Redley, called “Aldermen and mayors: the municipal life of Henley before the First World War”.

Henley as it is today existed in its essence by the time of the First World War. The town council of Victorian and Edwardian times, which was first elected in 1883, built well.

A century later we still live largely within geographical limits and ideas about the town which they pioneered.

Who were the first citizens of those days, now largely forgotten? Twenty individuals had been mayor of the town by 1914. What were their backgrounds and occupations? What were some of the main issues in the politics of the town in those days and how were its institutions and physical fabric shaped by the beliefs and attitudes of those “founding fathers”?

Mr Redley lives in Henley and is a member of the society. He is an historian who teaches at the Department for Continuing Education at Rewley House in Oxford.

During the lockdowns of the last year, he has focused his research on his home town and delivered talks on various aspects of Victorian and Edwardian Henley to the Henley Archaeology and History Group and the Oxfordshire Architectural and Historical Society.

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