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British Modern Military History Society

CONTINUING our popular programme of Zoom lectures, we have two further talks lined up for March.

Our afternoon meeting on March 2 will be about “The intelligence, deceptions and communication for D-Day”, which will cover the intelligence picture prior to
D-Day and the deception operations staged to protect the truth of Operation Overlord in June 1944.

On March 10, our talk will be on “The sinking of the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk”.

The nuclear-powered submarine sank in an accident on August 12, 2000 in the Barents Sea during the first major Russian naval exercise in more than 10 years. All 118 personnel on board were killed.

The crews of nearby ships felt the initial explosion and a second, much larger, explosion yet the Russian navy did not realise that an accident had occurred and did not initiate a search for the submarine for more than six hours.

It took more than 16 hours to locate the sunken boat.

Over four days, the navy failed in its attempts to attach four different diving bells and submersibles to the escape hatch of the submarine. Officials refused help from other governments.

President Vladimir Putin initially continued his vacation at a seaside resort.

He only authorised his navy to accept British and Norwegian offers of assistance five days after the accident.

Seven days after the sinking, British and Norwegian divers finally opened a hatch to the escape trunk in the sub’s flooded ninth compartment but found no survivors.

The talk will look not only at the circumstances under which the Kursk was lost, but will also tell the story of the unique international recovery operation which, a year after the submarine sunk, successfully raised it from the sea bed, and the Royal Navy’s role in the saga.

We are grateful to those who make donations which enable us to book speakers for the coming months.

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