Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Henley Society

Henley Society

THE Henley Society and the River Thames Society have combined in an effort to achieve a resolution to the impasse which appears to be in place at the Friday Street slipway in Henley.

They have enlisted the help of Henley MP John Howell who has now written twice to Sir James Bevan, chief executive of the Environment Agency.

Mr Howell is chairman of the Government’s all-party committee responsible for the River Thames.

Sorbon Estates, which owns adjacent property, concreted over the slipway unlawfully to form two parking spaces.

Henley Town Council gave the company the opportunity to remove the concrete, which it failed to do, so the council did it and sent Sorbon the bill for the work.

However, access to the river from the slipway remains impossible because of Sorbon’s pontoon, which obstructs it.

The Environment Agency has been contacted on many occasions in an effort to get it to act and have a section of the pontoon removed.

Geoff Luckett, chairman of Henley Society, and Tom Berman, of the River Thames Society, say: “The Environment Agency have all the necessary information to this straightforward obstruction of a public access and all the necessary powers to put it right yet their continual excuses, which they have been making for some 12 months, about ‘short staffing and competing activities’ is wearing just a little bit thin.

“If this obstruction is not cleared soon we will go through another summer when Henley residents and visitors cannot access the river at this convenient point.

“It really is time that the the agency’s managers got to grips with this situation.”

Geoff Luckett

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