Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Henley and District Philatelic Society

WHEN is a stamp not a stamp? It may be adhesive, it may be perforated, it may have face values similar to those of postage stamps, but if it has not been issued for the purpose of franking the mail, it belongs to the world of Cinderellas.

On Wednesday, April 9 Henley & District Philatelic Society held a presentation of these cousins of postage stamps, in the words of the speaker, “Anything not catalogued by Stanley Gibbons”.

The display began with poster stamps. These are rather like cigarette cards but printed on thin adhesive paper, like postage stamps.

The Tango stamp illustrated was one of many produced by Leichner Parfums, based on their posters that would have graced the walls of dance halls in Europe at the height of the dance’s popularity in the Twenties and been given away with their products.

Many products were sold with similar stamps, including many Colman’s (of mustard fame) products.

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