Sunday, 20 June 2021

Henley Trinity Hall Rifle Club

AFTER a gap of 14 years, the club has resumed use of its outdoor range at Badgemore.

A decline in membership had led to it falling into disuse, so the few members still wanting to shoot long distance had to make use of facilities at clubs further away.

Happily, membership has more than doubled in recent years and brought in shooters keen to try their hand at shooting outdoors.

Mother Nature had made use of the long interval to reclaim the range.

The butts were overgrown with trees and the firing points were shoulder-high in nettles and brambles.The landowners kindly arranged for the trees to be chopped down. This left the undergrowth to be dealt with, so earlier this year a working party armed with loppers, chainsaws and strimmers spent an afternoon revealing the butts and the 50-yard firing point.

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