Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Benson tennis courts get a makeover

BENSON Tennis Club is having its four courts resurfaced.

BENSON Tennis Club is having its four courts resurfaced.

A concrete barrier will also be installed to protect the courts from tree root damage.

New nets and posts have been bought which brings the overall cost of the revamp up to £50,000.

Club member Eddie Forsyth organised the work, which will begin on September 2, and is expected to take four weeks. Olly Barrett, who is head of maintenance, says the works are necessary.

He said: “A company is coming in and they get the top surface off and then it is re-laid and re-painted.

“We had noticed some tree root damage to courts three and four coming under the fence which has caused the ground to lift and we don’t want that to continue after we get the new courts. We are going to dig a trench on the outside of the courts which will be about half a metre deep and 40cm wide to cut the roots and a concrete barrier will be put in.

“This took a while to be approved because we had to have a tree surgeon in and get permission from the parish council.”

Mr Barrett added: “We have had new floodlights recently so it is going to be a completely new tennis club in terms of infrastructure.”

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