Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Video: Morris men take over town square

FOUR Morris dancing teams performed in Henley on Tuesday evening.

FOUR Morris dancing teams performed in Henley on Tuesday evening.

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A crowd gathered in Falaise Square as they danced for more than an hour, accompanied by musicians playing accordions, recorders, fiddles and banjos.

The dancers wore a mix of traditional and modern costumes in a variety of colours. Many had covered their outfits in badges.

Among the performances were several ?sword dances?, in which participants clash wooden sticks together in an imitation of sword-fighting.

Dancers from OBJ Morris, of Bracknell, which organised the event, wore black face paint and feathers in their caps.

Between dances, they collected money for the Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance Trust. Also taking part were Phoenix Morris from Rickmansworth, the Taeppa?s Tump ladies? team from Maidenhead and Aldbrickham Morris, of Reading.

One Phoenix dancer wore a wicker bird head, which is a tradition in the Cotswold style of dancing.

OBJ Morris has been organising the visit to Henley for 15 years.

Colin Charman, who dances for the team, said: ?It?s always a good night. The sun always shines, the beer is always good and people watch and get interested.

?The audience is always great here but the number one attraction is the setting ? we?ve got a lovely square and the town hall looks great.?

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