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Green-fingered granddad snaps up 15 show prizes

DAVID WOODAGE won almost a quarter of the prizes at Goring Greenfingers’ summer show.

DAVID WOODAGE won almost a quarter of the prizes at Goring Greenfingers’ summer show.

The green-fingered grandfather won 15 cups and prizes in more than 60 classes that were competed for.

But the 72-year-old retired legal executive was modest about his success, saying: “These wins were a bit unexpected but as one of the judges said, it’s just about having the right things on the right day.

“I suppose being retired means I have plenty of time to prepare for the show.”

In total, there were more than 200 entries to the 19th annual show, which was held at the village hall on Saturday.

Prizes were awarded in 61 classes including fruit, vegetables, flowers, flower arranging, cookery and photography.

Sixteen of the 19 entrants left with at least one prize and only three classes attracted no competitors.

Mr Woodage, who is the show secretary, won four trophies including the Derek and Christie Entertainers Cup for most points in show.

He also won four categories in the flower section, six in the vegetable section and one in the photography section.

Mr Woodage, who lives in Elvendon Road, Goring, with his wife Patricia, was a founder member of Greenfingers and has competed in every show since it began.

He has lived in the village since he was born and inherited a love of gardening from his father Ernest, who also lived in Elvendon Road.

Mr Woodage, a grandfather-of-two, will be judging at tomorrow’s Goring Heath and Whitchurch summer show.

In September and October, he will begin planting tulips and daffodils in readiness for Greenfingers’ spring show.

Show chairman Jeanne Davis, who also won several prizes, said: “The exhibits were of a far better standard than expected given the weather we have had this year.

“I think the late sun helped make up for this year’s cold start, although there wasn’t much moisture and some of the root vegetables were smaller than usual.

“We were very pleased with all the effort people had made — when you walked into the hall there was a good splash of colour.

“Our members worked very hard to put on a good show and the judges said we had done extremely well.”

Apart from the competition entries, there were plant stalls, teas, home-made cakes and a tombola.

The show was attended by about 50 members of the public, which the organisers said was disappointing and blamed the rain that started falling shortly before the doors opened.

Mrs Davis said: “We rely on visitors to buy plants and teas so it was quite hard going.

“Hopefully, one or two of the people who attended will have been impressed and will want to join us.”

The full results were as follows:

Special Class A, Top Vase Cup — Jeanne Davis

Special Class B, Top Tray Cup — Nina Thomas

Flower Section Challenge Cup (most points in section) — Rodney Davis

Silver Threads Cup (best hanging basket) — Christie Leary

Goring Mill Gallery Cup (best patio container) — Ian King

Fruit and Vegetable Sections Challenge Cup — David Woodage

Flower Arranging Section Challenge Cup — Jeanne Davis

Photography Section, Goring Horticultural Society Plaque — Derek Leary

Cookery Section, Davis Challenge Cup — Margaret King

Derek and Christie Entertainers Cup (most points in the show) — David Woodage

Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal (most points in horticultural sections) — David Woodage

Best exhibit in show, best single flower, orchid — Jacqueline Wilkins

Best flowers in the show, mixed flowers/foliage — David Woodage

Best fruit in the show, blackcurrants — Margaret King

Best vegetables in the show, cucumber — Stephanie Bridle

Best flower arrangement in the show — Jeanne Davis

Best cookery in show, plaited herb bread — Jo Nicolson

Best photograph in show — Derek Leary


Dahlias, cactus or semi-cactus, three blooms — David Woodage

Dahlias, other than cactus or semi-cactus, three blooms — Rodney Davis

Dahlia, pompon, three blooms — David Woodage

Dahlia, one specimen bloom — Rodney Davis

Pelargonium, any variety (2nd prize) — David Watts

Pelargonium, three heads — Rodney Davis

Foliage plant in a pot — Christie Leary

Fuchsia, one bush in a pot — Phil Robson

Orchid, one plant — Jacqueline Wilkins

Plant in flower — Jenny Emerton

One rose, specimen bloom — Jacqueline Wilkins

Roses, cycle of three stages — Jenny Emerton

Gladiolus, one specimen bloom — David Woodage

Flower, single stem — Christine Houston

Blooms, five, any variety — Stephanie Bridle

Cactus — Christie Leary

Succulent — Jenny Emerton

Hanging basket, one plant variety, max 12in diameter — Rodney Davis

Hanging basket, mixture of plants — Christie Leary

Patio container, mixture of plants — Ian King

Patio container — Rodney Davis

Vase of mixed flowers and foliage — David Woodage


Dish of three apples — Christine Houston

Dish of soft fruit — Margaret King

Dish of any other fruit —Christine Houston


Potatoes, five, any one white variety — David Woodage

Potatoes, five, any one coloured variety — David Woodage

Onions, three over 250gm, any one variety — No entries

Onions, 250gm or under, any one variety — Jo Nicolson

Shallots, seven of any one variety — David Woodage

Runner beans — Jacqueline Wilkins

French beans — Margaret Robson

Carrots — Christie Leary

Rhubarb — Margaret King

Beetroot — David Woodage

Courgettes — Jo Nicolson

Cucumber — Stephanie Bridle

Squash — Nina Thomas

Tomatoes, cherry — David Woodage

Tomatoes , other than cherry — Christie Leary

Tomatoes, one ripening truss — Jim Thomas

Heaviest marrow — David Watts

Heaviest potato — Nina Thomas

Largest onion — No entries

Longest runner bean —David Woodage

Strangest-looking vegetable — Jeanne Davis

Peppers — Ian King

Any other vegetable not included above — Stephanie Bridle

Vase of mixed herbs — Jacqueline Wilkins

Trug or other container of garden produce as gathered — Christie Leary

Flower arranging

A hand-tied posy for a tea tray — Jeanne Davis

An arrangement for a kitchen using foliage only — Jeanne Davis


Jar of mixed citrus marmalade — Margaret King

Jar of stone fruit jam — Jacqueline Wilkins

Jar of pickled red cabbage — Margaret King

Coffee and walnut cake — Margaret King

Shortbread round — Jeanne Davis

Plaited herb bread — Jo Nicolson

Six fruit scones — Jeanne Davis

Six strawberry jam tarts — Jeanne Davis


Free choice of subject — Derek Leary

My favourite flower — Derek Leary

Still life — David Woodage

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