Friday, 18 June 2021

Yeah man, far out... villagers go back to the Sixties

THE Swinging Sixties returned to Sonning Common at the village’s annual lunch on Friday.

THE Swinging Sixties returned to Sonning Common at the village’s annual lunch on Friday.

About 65 people attended the three-course meal at the village hall with some dressed as hippies. Many brought photos of themselves from the era.

The event, which also included a quiz, raised £550 for the new skate park while a raffle and book stall raised £110 for the Village Gardeners’ autumn bulb planting fund.

The hall was decorated with hundreds of records from the Sixties and inflatable guitars while vinyl singles were used as placemats and moulded into bread baskets.

The menu was inspired by the decade and included vol au vents, gammon and pineapple, Black Forest gateau and lemon meringue pie.

Chrissie Phillips-Tilbury, one of the organisers, said: “We realised that over the years we’ve been doing the lunch the theme that we choose and the decor was almost as important as the lunch itself. Putting on a charity lunch isn’t particularly difficult but when you add the decorations and quiz you make the general ambience so much better. So many of the people are from the village and you always get a good community atmosphere.”

Mrs Phillips-Tilbury, who is also a parish councillor, said previous lunches had been based on French and Spanish cuisine but the Sixties theme allowed guests to take a trip down memory lane.

She said: “There was a lot of reminiscing going on at various tables about what people were doing in the Sixties.

“A lot of people crowded around and looked at the photos people had brought in. It was great fun trying to find out who was who.

“A lot of people were instantly recognisable and hadn’t changed at all and for others we had no idea who they were.”

Mrs Phillips-Tilbury thanked the helpers, the Christian Community Action shop, which provided the records, the Co-op for the raffle prizes and the One Stop Shop, all in Wood Lane, for donating the wine.

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