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Results from the Caversham Horticultural Society show



Class one: tomatoes (five): Jim McCartney

Class two: potatoes (white variety) Jim McCartney

Class three potatoes (coloured variety) Jim McCartney

Class four: onions (three globe — to pass through a 7.5cm ring) Malcolm South

Class five: onions (flat to pass through a 9cm ring) Jim McCartney

Class six: shallots (nine - one variety over 2.5cm diameter): Jim McCartney

Class seven: shallots (nine one variety under 2.5cm diameter): Jim McCartney

Class eight: beetroot of one variety without foliage: Malcolm South

Class nine: carrots (three — one variety without foliage) Jim McCartney

Class 10: runner beans (six — one variety with stalks) Jim McCartney

Class 11 French beans (seven — one variety with stalks): Jim McCartney

Class 13: truss of green tomatoes: Jim McCartney

Class 14: truss of cherry tomatoes: Malcolm South

Class 15: pair of marrows (Not to exceed 30.5cm in length): Malcolm South

Class 16: a squash: Malcolm South

Class 17: any other kind of vegetable: Jim McCartney

Class 18: any four vegetables: Jim McCartney

Class 19: vase of culinary herbs minimum of three kinds: Malcolm South

Class 20: mixed salad leaves (growing in a pot two varieties, maximum size 20.25cm): Val Wing

Class 21: courgettes (three one variety): Diane Jones


Class 22: dessert apples (three — one variety with stalks): Val Barnes

Class 23: cooking apples (three one variety with stalks): Val Wing

Class 24: pears (three one variety with stalks): Gillian Matthews

Class 25: plate of three mixed fruit: Gillian Matthews

Class 26: any other kind of fruit: Hazel Blackburn

Class 27: soft fruit (six): Gillian Matthews


Class 28: three blooms of large flowered roses: Jim McCartney

Class 29: a rose bloom floating in a glass: Caroline Johnson

Class 30: five blooms of dahlias: (pompon under 5cm diameter): Jim McCartney

Class 31: three blooms of dahlias (mixed varieties)

Class 32: three blooms of dahlias (one variety): Jim McCartney

Class 33: one specimen bloom of dahlia: Jim McCartney

Class 34: A specimen stem pelargonium: Hazel Blackburn

Class 35: vase of flowering shrubs (one variety): Caroline Steed

Class 36: vase of annuals (one variety): Val Taylor

Class 38: specimen chrysanthemum: Malcolm South

Class 39: specimen gladiolus: Jim McCartney

Class 40: vase of three stems fuchsia (mixed): Gillian Matthews

Class 41: one specimen stem (fuchsia): Gillian Matthews

Class 42: vase of any other kind of perennials (excluding the above classes): Jean Sawyer

Class 43: six stems foliage (minimum of three different varieties): Sandra Harvey

Class 44: fuchsia in a pot: Francis Serjeant

Class 45: foliage pot plant (pot size up to 15.5cm): Pat Morgan

Class 46: flowering plant pot (pot size up to 15.5cm) Pat Morgan


Class 47: five runner beans (one variety — with stalks: Diane Jones

Class 48: three onions (one variety): Beryl Owen

Class 50: any other kind of vegetable: Diane Jones

Class 51: two dessert or cooking apples (one variety with stalks): Carolyn Steed

Class 52: any other kind of fruit (one variety): Beryl Owen

Class 54: vase of one kind of flower: Carolyn Steed


Class 55: five cheese scones: Nikki Malha

Class 56: three Eccles cakes: Elaine Rae

Class 57: jar of jam: Hazel Blackburn

Class 58: marble cake: Gwyneth Rowlands

Class 59: Swiss roll: Elaine Rae

Class 60: tomato ketchup: Sarah Roy

Class 61: five pieces of fudge: Sarah Roy

Class 62: apple loaf: Gwyneth Rowlands

Section F

Class 63: the longest runner bean: Beryl Owen

Class 65: the Bob Turner Challenge Cup (senior citizens only): Malcolm South

Class 66: the Ted Tiffen Cup (vase of mixed garden flowers): Hazel Blackburn

Class 67: rose buttonhole with own foliage: Val Taylor


Class 68: colour photograph taken on a Caversham Horticultural Society outing: Caroline Johnson

Class 69: colour photograph depicting the weather: Caroline Johnson

Class 70: colour photo of a leaf: Carolyn Steed

Class 71: a knitted item: Elaine Rae

Class 72: an item made from recycled materials: Gillian Matthews

Class 73: a wind chime: Gillian Matthews

Class 74: a wildlife home: Gillian Matthews

Floral art

Class 75: a Chinese year of the snake theme (an exhibit using natural plant materials and accessories): Eileen Joyce

Class 76: winter wonderland (an exhibit using natural plant materials and accessories): Sandra Harvey

Class 77: by the seaside (an exhibit using fresh plant materials and accessories): Eileen Joyce

Class 78: a bridesmaid’s posy (an exhibit not to exceed 25cm in height, width and depth): Sandra Harvey

Class 79: a miniature exhibit (not to exceed 10cm in height, width and depth): Ann Briggs


Class 80: garden in a half seed tray: Giles Rae, eight

Class 81: monster made from fruit and/or vegetables: Jonny Leyshon, 10, and Thomas Gould, eight

Class 82: design a seed packet: Giles Rae, eight

Class 83: a collage: Anton Rae, eight

Class 84: any kind of vegetable: Giles Rae, eight

Class 85: a decorated stone: I Jones, 12

Class 86: vase of leaves: Anton Rae, eight

Class 87: decorated gingerbread person: Lillie Malha, 12, and Ella Gould, four

Show prizes

Jubilee shield: most points in sections A, B, C, classes 1 to 46: Jim McCartney

Ford Silver Challenge Cup: most points section A classes 1 to 21: Jim McCartney

Parsons Silver Challenge Cup: most points in section B classes 22 to 27: Gillian Matthews

Society Silver Challenge Cup: most points section C classes 28 to 46: Caroline Johnson

Balmore Cup: most points section C classes 47 to 54: Mrs B Owen

Whiskin Cup: most points section E classes 55 to 62: Mrs Sarah Roy

Handicraft Cup: most points section G classes 68 to 73: Gillian Matthews

Devon Cup: most points section H classes 74 to 78: Sandra Harvey

Bob Turner Challenge Cup: winner, class 65: Malcolm South

Ted Tiffen Cup: winner, class 66: Hazel Blackburn

Reading Festival Cup for Roses: winner, class 28: Jim McCartney

Voyle Cup: best exhibit, classes 30 to 33: Jim McCartney

National Dahlia Society medal: most points, classes 30 to 33: Jim McCartney

Bert Goodson Trophy: best exhibit whole show: Jim McCartney

Children’s Cup: most points in children’s section, classes 79 to 86: Giles Rae, eight

McCartney Cup: most points in novice and children’s sections, classes 47 to 54 and classes 79 to 86: Giles Rae, eight

Caversham Horticultural Society silver bowl: Jim McCartney

Royal Horticultural Society Banksian medal: exhibitor gaining most prize money (sections A to C, excluding winners in 2009 to 2011): Jim McCartney

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