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Goring and Streatley Scout Group

FORTY mothers, wolf cubs, scouts and scouters from the 2nd Goring and Streatley Scout Group camped at Stonor Park over

FORTY mothers, wolf cubs, scouts and scouters from the 2nd Goring and Streatley Scout Group camped at Stonor Park over a September weekend.

Friday evening and through the night comprised rain and wind, so we did get wet but cheerfulness prevailed to a degree.

Some mothers and wolf cubs got their kit and bedding wet during the night and had no dry kit, so the next day they left very disappointed, particularly as the weather was improving.

The remaining mothers (or rover scouts), wolf cubs and scouts were divided into patrols for the camp — Lion, Falcon and Seagull.

The wolf cubs and some of the rover scouts were challenged to produce the most appetising-looking and delicious trifles. The results were fantastic and the camp spirit lifted.

This was followed by a short comical play and then a mother and a scout giving their views on camping. Then everyone took a short hike around Stonor Park to see the historic house and the two large deer herds.

In the afternoon the sun broke through and the scouts built a “big boy’s catapult” to see which patrol could fire a rubber ball the furthest.

In the evening, there were games of “non-stop cricket” and, with dark descending, “manhunt”, a scout favourite. All then gathered round the camp fire for a sing-song before bed.

On Sunday morning, it was up with the lark as it was quite warm and bright.A good breakfast included large portions of the trifle that remained.

Then each patrol hiked the short distance to Henley armed with 14 photographs of features to be found in the town, such as singer Dusty Springfield’s grave, monuments and features on buildings.

All three patrols returned by the set time, having managed to find the features and to write a short history of these.

With tents now dry, the camp site was cleared and after lunch it was “flag down” and home. Lord and Lady Camoys and their site administrator were thanked for allowing the group to camp in their beautiful parkland with a “thank you” card signed by all the campers. It turned out to be a great camp, despite the dreadful weather.

Well done to rover scouts Sophie Warren and Fi Thatcher and wolf cubs Molly Bromage and Charles Wake who stayed for the whole camp with the scouts.

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