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Family swans off with prizes

ONE family took home three of the main prizes at this year’s Whitchurch Society art and craft exhibition.

ONE family took home three of the main prizes at this year’s Whitchurch Society art and craft exhibition.

A record 218 entries were submitted by 127 people from Whitchurch and Whitchurch Hill including paintings, sculptures, pottery and photographs.

The Swann family, who live at the Hardwick Estate, off Hardwick Road, came top in three of the 11 main categories.

Romilly Swann, 44, won the Orford Cup for adult art with her coloured pen and ink drawing Cat and Gremlin.

The work, inspired by fantasy illustrator Arthur Rackham, depicted a cat alongside a mythical beast.

Mrs Swann’s daughter Kieri, 16, came top in the age 15 to 18 category with her acrylic painting Decoration and Pattern.

Her other daughter Thalia, 14, took home the Chairman’s Cup for an acrylic painting called Portrait of Beatrice.

Mrs Swann, a botanical illustrator, said: “I had no idea whether my daughters would grow up to be artistic as well but I’m very impressed with what they do.”

Other winners included Pam Wilkinson, who was awarded the Whitchurch Cup for adult craft with her diamond jubilee cushion.The colourful needlepoint work was embroidered with crowns, flowers and other royal symbols.

George Woolhouse won the CPL Cup for photography with his shot of Kentra Bay in Scotland, which he took in April.

The Joyce Voysey Prize went to Freddie Turner, who submitted a large papier mache sculpture of a wolf’s head named Wolfie. Alice Thatcher, of Rivendell Farm, won the popular vote for her full dinner service set, which she sculpted on a potter’s wheel at school.

Rosemary Pearce’s photograph Wind In The Wheat, which depicted a farmer’s field just outside Reading, won the Butterworth Cup for the best first-time entry.

The youngest winner was Murray Wilson, whose painting and collage Sunflowers and Seeds came top in the under-7s category.

Amelie Steen came first in the seven- to 10-year-olds class with Gone to the Café du Soir, a scale model of a scene in a French-style café.

Gail Lewis won the 11-to-14 years age group with a cotton zip-up pencil case.

There were three collages submitted by Whitchurch Pre-School, Whitchurch Primary School and the Oratory Prep School in Goring Heath.

All three were themed around Vincent Van Gogh whom the pupils have been studying in their art classes. About 200 residents attended the prize-giving and afternoon tea at the village hall.Organiser Sally Woolhouse, whose Shaker box was highly commended in the adult craft section, said: “We were absolutely amazed by the attendance and the number of entries. It took us a long time to label them all up.

“In some years we’ve had as few as 100 entries and you wonder why you bother but when you have a year like this, it makes you want to keep going.”

The results were as follows:

Art, under 7s: 1 Josh Taylor — Van Gogh painting on canvas; 2 Inez Kemp — flowers; 3 Amelie Dawson — Inspired by Van Gogh’s painting of a chair.

Craft, under 7s: 1 Murray Wilson — Sunflowers and seeds; 2 Fraser Wilson — Fluffy starry night; 3 Zachary Watson — Plasticine flower.

Overall winner, under 7s: Murray Wilson.

Art, 7 to 10: 1 Oliver Mace — Van Gogh flowers in a Banksy style; 2 Henry Cowen — Vase of sunflowers; 3 Matthew Rogers — Pussycat, pussycat, I love you. Highly commended — Hadyn Hamilton — Anyone can be a star.

Craft, 7 to 10: 1 Amelie Steen — Gone to the Café du Soir; 2 Olivia Kimbell — Van Gogh’s bedroom; 3 Mia Widdop — Sunflowers (homage to Van Gogh in salt).

Overall winner: 7 to 10: Amelie Steen.

Art — 11 to 14: 1 Melanie Steen — La bella muerte; 2 Gail Lewis — Limitations of one hour; 3 Abigail Mace — Horse.

Craft, 11 to 14: Gail Lewis — Pencil case.

Overall winner, 11 to 14: Gail Lewis.

Art, 15 to 18: 1 Keiri Swann — Decoration and pattern; 2 George Mattimoe — Seascape; 3 Keiri Swann — Force within.

Craft, 15 to 18: 1 Alice Thatcher — Dinner service; 2 Keiri Swann — Decoration and pattern.

Overall winner 15 to 18: Keiri Swann.

The Orford Cup for adult art: Romilly Swann — Cat and gremlin.

Highly commended: Claire Scott — Blue storm; Jacqueline Piper — Watercolour; Romilly Swann — Fairy ring.

The Whitchurch Cup for adult craft: Pam Wilkinson — Diamond jubilee cushion.

Highly commended: Yvonne Kerevan — Chair; Sally Woolhouse — Shaker box; Pamela Pearce — Knitted baby dress, bonnet and bootees; Peter Woolhouse — Shot flask of cow horn; Gwen Bruce — Cherries on a square plate.

The CPL Cup for photography: George Woolhouse — Kentra Bay, Ardnamurchan.

Highly commended: Garry Forster — Photographer on the beach; Jean Bull — Bands of gold at Yellowstone; Chris Martin — Max meets Mabel; Chris Martin — Mabel and Mocha in the canal; Rosemary Pearce — Wind in the wheat.

The Butterworth Cup for best first-time entry: Rosemary Pearce — Wind in the wheat.

The Joyce Voysey Prize: Freddie Turner — Wolfie.

The Chairman’s Cup: Thalia Swann — Portrait of Beatrice.

Winner of the Popular Vote: Alice Thatcher — Dinner service.

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