Saturday, 19 June 2021

Outdoor gym plan after neighbours reject area for teens

A COMMUNITY group wants to build an activity area for adults and teenagers in Goring.

A COMMUNITY group wants to build an activity area for adults and teenagers in Goring.

The Goring and Streatley Amenity Association says parents in the village have expressed support for its proposal.

It has no detailed plans yet but says the scheme could cost up to £50,000 and would not be built for at least three years. The area would include an outdoor gym, aimed primarily at adults, which could be used as a warm-up area for events such as football matches and the Goring 10km charity race.

There would also be activities for teenagers, which could include a BMX track, zip wire, climbing frames or a table tennis table.

Two months ago, the association suggested a similar facility for teenagers only which would have cost £30,000. It wanted this to be on the north-west corner of Sheepcot Field or the open space at Ferry Lane, both of which are owned by the parish council. However, neighbours complained they had not been consulted and raised fears over noise and antisocial behavior and the council refused permission.

The association believes the new scheme could be built on a different part of Sheepcot Field but says it will consult residents before making a formal proposal. Chairman John Boler said: “Following the council’s decision, we had quite an angry response from some of the younger parents in the village. We feel the council received a rather unbalanced response as there were people who did not know about the meeting but would have been in favour.

“There is a feeling that such a facility is needed and would contribute to residents’ physical fitness.”

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