Friday, 25 June 2021

Thames Chiltern District Cubs

ON Saturday, March 7, teams of cubs met at the charming Thirties hut of the Goring

ON Saturday, March 7, teams of cubs met at the charming Thirties hut of the Goring Heath cub pack for the annual Thames Chiltern District Scrapheap Challenge.

Teams came from the cub packs of Goring Tuesday and Goring Thursday, Goring Heath, Shiplake, Sonning Common and Stoke Row.

The host pack made everybody welcome and kept people fed and watered while the competition took place.

Teams of six cubs per pack divided into pairs and listened to an exciting story written and read by Peter Phillips, the district cub leader, involving deep space exploration and aliens.

They then had to plan and build something from the story out of recycled household materials such as boxes, tubes and yoghurt pots held together with plenty of tape, glue and paint.

At the end of the allotted time, each pair of cubs stood and described their models to everyone, while the judges awarded points.

Marks were awarded for general behaviour, planning and making the model, how well the model matched the story, teamwork and tidying up.

The models were colourful and varied, with some great interpretations of the story, including space monsters, rockets and robots. Great fun was had by all.

The pack with the highest combined team score was 1st Shiplake.

Congratulations to Angus, Daisy, Jack, Lucy, Rebecca and Tom. They won a super trophy of a man made from Meccano, made by Mr Phillips.

The top–scoring pairs of Daisy and Rebecca from 1st Shiplake, Freddie and Josh from Goring Thursday and George and Chris from Goring Tuesday have all been invited to represent the district at the county final in Kidlington tomorrow (Saturday).

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