Wednesday, 16 June 2021

No fears over golf club lorries

THE owner of Greys Green Golf Course in Peppard has sought to reassure residents over lorry

THE owner of Greys Green Golf Course in Peppard has sought to reassure residents over lorry movements.

The greens and tees are being raised as part a four-year scheme to improve the course off Dog Lane.

The work started in August and will involve about 5,000 truck movements in order to move 100,000 tonnes of soil and other materials.

Lee Rawlings, a director at L&N Golf Management, told the meeting of Peppard Parish Council that he wanted to allay any fears about environmental damage from the haulage and over the issue of soil quality. He said that he wanted to scheme to be good for the environment by replanting as many trees as possible.

He said: “The amount of work going into this is to create something great in the long term that people enjoy. We have an environmental officer who visits our site and checks the quality of the material.

“Within the old course we have removed trees but we want to put them back in other areas.” David Einig, the contractor who is doing the haulage, said: “It is my name on the lorries that you see. My name is on them because I want to be accountable and deal with issues.

“I am from a family business with a farming background. I want everything done right and people to know who to speak to if they have a problem.”

When South Oxfordshire District Council granted planning permission in July a traffic management scheme was agreed.

This restricts the times that construction traffic can enter and leave the site to outside peak hours of 7.30am to 9.30am and 4.30pm and 6.30pm on weekdays. This to reduce the impact on the roads and  residents.

Mr Rawlings said he was paying for the area around Dog Lane to be swept regularly and had received favourable comments as a result.

“A good number of people have come forward and said it is better condition than it was,” he said.

Barry Wood, chairman of the council, asked if there were any plans for a clubhouse.

Mr Rawlings said he had no intention of building a clubhouse as Daisy’s café was nearby. “The future clubhouse would be there, the ‘19th hole’ if you will,” he said.

News about work at the golf course will be posted on the village website and sent out on the village email.

Mr Rawlings said: “I am happy for people to come and have a tour of the site.”

Councillor Wood said: “I am glad you want to give people tours. It gives the community confidence that you are doing that.”

He said he would take up the offer of a tour, adding: “I want to have confidence in your ability to deliver what you have said.”

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