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Henley Probus Club

TWO new members spoke to other members about their lives during the May meeting at Badgemore Park Golf Club.

TWO new members spoke to other members about their lives during the May meeting at Badgemore Park Golf Club.

In 1948, when John Allen was just married, he took up biology teaching while maintaining his strong interests of rowing and silver–smithing.

Heraldry was added to his interests, maintained to this day, when he came upon antique items bearing an unknown crest. These included buttons and studs, cups and larger items.

His interest in rowing grew when he was asked to report on Olympic events and regattas with his words often appearing in The Times, The Telegraph and other newspapers around Britain.

At one point, he was reporting rowing for 20 papers as well as on a fishing competition between members of the London Underground Fishing Club meeting in Henley.

In his retirement, John is frequently asked to identify coats of arms for the antiques trade.

With a very different background, Vivian Emerson became a forensic scientist when such professions were rare and not in the public awareness.

After graduating, Viv had taken work at Harwell while working for his master’s degree, which led to a job with the civil service in forensic science in Cardiff.

By this time, police forces were using the lab to report on evidence taken from crime scenes that would be used in court cases.

The science became of valuable use across the UK, expanding to include evidence from road accidents and with breath–testing.

The family were moved when Viv was appointed to advise the Government on breath–testing. He worked at Aldermaston on finger– printing, which was fast–growing in crime investigating.

DNA analysis became a worldwide tool. One such application was to identify bones which were later identified as being of the Tsar and Tsarina who were murdered in the early 20th century.

The woman claiming to be Anastasia was found not to be a member of the late royal family of Russia. Henley Probus Club meets at Badgemore Park Golf Club on the second Tuesday of the month at 10.30am. For more information, visit henleyprobusclub.

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