Monday, 26 July 2021

Henley Ladies Probus Club

THE 225th meeting was held at Badgemore Park Golf Club on Thursday, May 14.

THE 225th meeting was held at Badgemore Park Golf Club on Thursday, May 14.

Chairman Pam Richardson welcomed the members and thanked Mary Barrett and Audrey Richardson for covering for her at the April meeting. She also gave us the sad news of the deaths of two members, Aileen Hurst and Margaret Harrison. The members stood for a moment’s silence in their memory.

The chairman then told the members that in October we would be celebrating our 20th year and moves were afoot to do something special on that day.

She also asked for any of the earliest members to make themselves known to the  committee. Heather Clark gave details of a concert at Christ Church in aid of the development fund and also reminded members of the monthly men’s Probus club walk due to take place, as usual, on the last Tuesday of the month.

Pam then welcomed and introduced the speaker, Sue Prior, who gave us a very moving and inspirational talk about the work of Nomad, a project started nearly 20 years ago to support and assist young people and families in Henley and the surrounding villages who face challenging and complex situations in their lives.

She pointed out that in spite of this being an affluent area, there are still struggling families and in 12 months Nomad had made more than 4,000 personal interventions.

Sue also gave us several examples of positive results, such as a mother with two children being helped to learn to read, which had so boosted her confidence. Jasmine Wheeler gave the vote of thanks.

Probus members were very interested and moved by the talk, several adding more money to what they had already given and a cheque for £330 was given to Sue to help with her work with Nomad.

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