Friday, 25 June 2021

Youth club set to close

WATLINGTON’S youth club has closed after failing to find a new committee.

WATLINGTON’S youth club has closed after failing to find a new committee.

Its fate was sealed at a meeting last week and it closed yesterday (Thursday), at the end of the school year.

Fears were raised in May by parish councillor and acting club chairman Roger Beattie, who said a new committee of five people needed to be found.

Initially six had come forward and expressed an interest in joining and Mr Beattie said he was confident the club could continue.

But no one turned up at last week’s meeting and Mr Beattie said: “The decision was taken because that was what was on the table — if people didn’t come forward it closed, full stop.

“Unless new people can be found it will not open in September. I’m not surprised. As far as I’m concerned — myself and Carol Martin, who has been the treasurer — our next move is to talk to the parish council to see how they are going to take it forward but I’m not taking any responsibility for it.”

Mr Beattie has been helping run the club for about 10 years and Mrs Martin has been in harness since it opened about 15 years ago.

He continued: “I will help out, I will guide them in the right direction but I don’t want to be involved in the day-to-day running of it.

“There are numerous other things going on in Watlington, where it’s a struggle to find people to help out or it’s the same old people year after year.

“I’m not angry, I’m a bit disappointed somebody’s not picking it up. Carol and I have been saying for two or three years, ‘this is our last year, we’re going’, and now we’ve gone.”

The club, which was based at the town’s pavilion, off Shirburn Road, met on Tuesdays and Thursdays for children up to age 14. It would attract between 12 and 20 youngsters each night.

Councillor Beattie said he would like to see a dedicated youth centre and a community centre in Watlington.

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