Sunday, 20 June 2021

Henley Dragon Boat Club

ON Thursday evening last week, Henley Dragons practised their capsize drill.

ON Thursday evening last week, Henley Dragons practised their capsize drill.

Captain Chris Fowler ensured that all members had received the written protocol.

Helm David Buckland reminded us all of the procedure after which we had a dry run on land before moving to the water‘s edge.

Water safety officer James Blake showed the correct fitting of a buoyance aid before demonstrating how to recover an unconscious body from the water.

The crew then boarded their dragon boat and after a few minutes‘ paddling practised the man overboard routine.

When the helm hit the water, coach Graham Bliss assumed command of the boat and directed it into a position where the helm was recovered successfully.

The crew then capsized their boat, throwing everyone into the water. As the crew returned to the surface each member looked out for his/her buddy before being checked off by the helm. On this occasion there were no complications or casualties.

The inverted boat was swum to the side where it was uprighted before being used as a stepping stone by each member in turn to climb back on to the bank.

Finally, the boat was emptied of water and made ready for re-use.

The crew would like to thank Mary Aldridge and Derek Blincoe who manned the safety boat during the exercise and also filmed it for later evaluation.

Members who were not present on the night should ensure that they participate in the next capsize drill when it takes place later in the year.

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