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Six of the best for show secretary at last contest

DAVID WOODAGE won six titles in his final competition as Goring Village Greenfingers’ show secretary.

DAVID WOODAGE won six titles in his final competition as Goring Village Greenfingers’ show secretary.

The 74-year-old, who joined the group when it was formed in 1994 and has held every position on the club committee, is stepping down after three years.

At the gardening club’s annual summer show held in the village hall on Saturday, he took home the Top Tray Cup for his display of mixed vegetables.

He also won a medal for the heaviest potato and came first in two flower classes, one fruit class and one vegetable class.

Mr Woodage, of Elvendon Road, Goring, will continue to serve as programme manager, organising the club’s monthly guest speakers and workshops.

He said: “I thought it was time to let other people take over. It has been good fun because I’ve also judged at other shows like the one in Goring Heath.”

Jacqueline Wilkins, of Clevemead, Goring, won 12 prizes, including the Derek and Christie Entertainers Cup for most points in show and the Davis Challenge Cup for cookery.

Rodney and Jeanne Davis, from Preston Crowmarsh, won 20 of the 82 classes. Mr Davis’s wins included the Silver Threads Cup for best hanging basket and his wife’s included the Top Vase Cup for flower displays.

The show had 205 entries, an increase on last year’s total of 172.

Mr Woodage said: “It went very well and had a happy atmosphere. I think we did better financially than in the past few years.

“We were worried that there wouldn’t be many entries because of this year’s weather. The hot April and May meant that lots of things like soft fruit and potatoes came early. However, entries were significantly up in some sections, like cookery and runner beans. We had some new entrants who won prizes, which I was happy to see.”

The results were as follows:


Special Class A, Top Vase Cup — Jeanne Davis  Special Class B, Top Tray Cup — David Woodage  Flower Section Challenge Cup for most points — Jeanne Davis  Silver Threads Cup for best hanging basket — Rodney Davis  Goring Mill Gallery Cup for best patio container — Stephanie Bridle  Fruit and Vegetable Challenge Cup — Jim Thomas  Flower Arranging Challenge Cup — Jeanne Davis  Davis Challenge Cup for cookery — Jacqueline Wilkins  Goring Horticultural Society Plaque for photography — Jim Thomas  Derek & Christie Entertainers Cup for most points in show — Jacqueline Wilkins  Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal for most points in horticultural sections — Jim Thomas  Captain Miller Cup for best exhibit in show — Jeanne Davis  Best flowers in show — Jeanne Davis  Best fruit in show — Tom Worthington  Best vegetables in show — Derek Leary  Best flower arrangement in show — Jeanne Davis  Best cookery in show — Jacqueline Wilkins  Best photograph in show — Jim Thomas


Dahlias, cactus or semi-cactus, three blooms — David Woodage  Dahlias other than cactus or semi-cactus, three blooms — Rodney Davis  Pompon dahlia, three blooms — David Woodage  Dahlia, one specimen bloom — Rodney Davis  Pelargonium, any variety — Jacqueline Wilkins  Pelargonium, three heads — Gill Haigh  Foliage plant in a pot — Jenny Emerton  Fuchsia, one bush in a pot — Phil Robson  Orchid, one plant — Jacqueline Wilkins  Plant in flower — Jacqueline Wilkins  One rose, specimen bloom — Jeanne Davis  Roses, cycle of three stages — Jeanne Davis  Gladiolus, one specimen bloom — Rodney Davis Flower, single stem — Jenny Emerton  Five blooms, any variety — Jeanne Davis  Cactus — Ros Ainsley  Succulent — Jenny Emerton  Hanging basket, one plant variety — Gill Haigh Hanging basket, mixture of plants — Rodney Davis Patio container, mixture of plants — Jeanne Davis Patio container, one variety of plant — Stephanie Bridle Vase of mixed flowers and foliage — Jeanne Davis


Dish of three apples — Stephanie Bridle Dish of soft fruit — Tom Worthington Dish of seven plums — Margaret King Dish of any other fruit — David Woodage


Five potatoes, any white variety — David Woodage  Three onions under 250g — Margaret Robson Seven shallots of any one variety — Margaret Robson Runner beans — Derek Leary French beans — Derek Leary Rhubarb — Rodney Davis Beetroot — Jim Thomas Courgettes — Derek Leary Squash — Jim Thomas Tomatoes, cherry — Jim Thomas Tomatoes other than cherry — Derek Leary  Tomatoes, one ripening truss — Stephanie Bridle  Heaviest marrow — Jim Thomas  Heaviest potato — David Woodage Longest runner bean — Derek Leary  Strangest-looking vegetable — Diane Fenton Peppers — Margaret Robson Any other vegetable — Derek Leary Vase of mixed herbs — Jacqueline Wilkins Trug or other container of garden produce — Jim Thomas


Flower arrangement in a tea or egg cup — Jeanne Davis Table centre arrangement of flowers and foliage — Jeanne Davis


Jar of raspberry jam — Jacqueline Wilkins Jar of fruit jelly — Jacqueline Wilkins Jar of piccalilly — Brenda Pont Six shortbread fingers — Rodney Davis Victoria sandwich cake — Margaret Robson Wholemeal and walnut round cob — Jacqueline Wilkins Four chocolate peanut squares — Jacqueline Wilkins Four lavender biscuits — Jacqueline Wilkins


“Friend or foe”, a garden insect or animal — Jim Thomas “One for the pot”, an edible plant — Keith Riley “Our wonderful weather” — Gill Haigh

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