Wednesday, 04 August 2021

Henley Ladies Probus Club

THE meeting on October 8 was a celebration of 20 years since the club’s first meeting.

THE meeting on October 8 was a celebration of 20 years since the club’s first meeting.

On this special anniversary some of the members produced a repeat of what had been done at one of its earliest meetings and launched into a version of

Call My Bluff.

This was superbly produced and directed by Judy Yeates with two teams made up of three members, Catherine Black, Heather Clark and Sarah Spong, who had coerced their husbands to make up a men’s team. With John Yeates and Audrey Richardson chairing their teams, everyone enjoyed a time of light-hearted banter of bluff and counterbluff.

The men’s team won but the ladies explained that as they were their guests, so it was appropriate that they should win. Pat Burton, a founder member and also president of the club, was unable to be present at the meeting due to ill health but she had written a short speech recalling some of the earliest memories.

She reminded current members that the idea to start a Ladies Probus Club came about because it seemed the men had a good time at their club’s meetings so why should the ladies miss out on the fun?

Since then, the club has flourished, hosting some very good speakers and with members enjoying having lunch and friendship together.

On this celebration occasion, the lunch was followed by Noni Vernon cutting a cake made by Ann Richards. Thanks were given to all who had made the club a success over the years and for arranging this happy occasion.

At the next meeting on November 12 there will be a talk by Jon Scourse called “The beauty of the landscape around you”.

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