Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Henley Rotary Club

PETER THOMSON, one of the club’s newest members, gave his “job talk” at last week’s

PETER THOMSON, one of the club’s newest members, gave his “job talk” at last week’s twilight meeting at the Red Lion Hotel.

He originally studied physics, chemistry and electrical engineering but, being interested in the social aspects of technology, he went into personnel management at Rank Xerox and then worked for Digital Equipment Corporation in Reading, where he was head of human resources for northern Europe for 15 years.

He spent another three years with the company in sales and marketing as it was moving into consultancy.

Later, Compaq took over DEC and it then became HP, so began what was known as “DEXODUS” and the loss of many jobs. Peter realised that the world of work was changing and made contact with Henley Management College where they formed the Henley Future Work Forum, which was later absorbed into a larger research centre when the college was merged with Reading University to form Henley Business School.

He was setting up a management consultancy but throughout he continued lecturing at the business school.

His company is called Wisework, one of the leading consultancies in the area of flexible working, and its aim is to bring 19th century working practices into a 21st century situation.

Four years ago he co-wrote a book entitled Future Work, which he modestly claimed to be a business best-seller, the main theme of which was that, with the modern methods of communication, we are seeing the demise of middle management.

Maria Bunina gave the vote of thanks.

At this week’s lunch meeting, president-elect Lionel Scott gave his fourth talk to the club.

Earlier, Peter Wolsey, a member of the Rotary Club of Tallinn in Estonia and a visitor to the club on three or four previous occasions, presented president John Grout with a Tallinn pennant.

Mr Grout promised to reciprocate when the secretary returned from his holiday with the stock of pennants!

The club’s annual festive bingo night will take place at Henley town hall this evening (Friday) from 6.45pm (eyes down at 7pm).

There will be prize money, Christmas gifts, a raffle and refreshments.

The proceeds will go to local charities. Everybody is welcome.

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