Friday, 18 June 2021

Henley Ladies Probus Club

THE 233rd meeting of the luncheon club was held at Badgemore Park Golf Club in January.

THE 233rd meeting of the luncheon club was held at Badgemore Park Golf Club in January.

The chairman welcomed a large number of members and guests as well as our speaker, art historian Gill Davies.

The ladies were then taken on a magical walking tour of Venice, visiting the glorious Doge’s Palace, home of the most important citizen, the Doge, and the seat of government crammed with art treaures, St Mark’s Basilica with its amazing interior and the legendary Bridge of Sighs.

Gill explained that Venice is 118 man-made islands that started in the 5th century with huge pine tree trunks being rammed into the mud and clay. It had no fortifications but the Venetians went into ship building in a big way and its defence was its powerful fleet.

The wealth came from trade so the Venetians spread themselves around the Mediterranean and became a totally cosmopolitan country, tolerating all religions.

From the early 1600s explorers discovered the rest of the world, which was the beginning of the end of he power of Venice.

The talk was fully illustrated with views of Venice, its islands and even the burial island which Gill advised us all to visit as it is so interesting.

She then showed us interiors of the buildings and palaces, fully describing each and every corner of them and why and how they had been built.

She showed us all her favourite ones and told us why we should visit them and included the magnificent paintings by Tintoretto, a favourite of many.

Gill is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about her subject that we all felt we had been in Venice with her.

The date of the next meeting is February 11, which will be the annual general meeting followed by a show of photographs from China by Rolf Richardson.

If you are interested in joining the Ladies Probus Club please call Marion Whitaker on (01491) 628629 or email

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