Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Future is looking bright for co-education

Future is looking bright for co-education

CO-EDUCATION or single-sex schooling?

It’s a question many parents find themselves pondering as they plan their children’s school careers.

Thankfully, there is plenty of evidence and data available to help them choose.

While separating girls and boys can be seen to deliver improved results at secondary level, the evidence suggests that mixing the genders in junior school has many advantages.

As a reflection of the mixed world we live in, it seems clear that educating our youngest children together is healthier for them socially, with friendships and collaborations occurring freely amongst boys and girls.

And in terms of academic outcomes, there’s also plenty of evidence that junior
co-education results in boys doing much better in subjects like drama and music and participating more readily in classroom discussions.

Girls, meanwhile, are found to enjoy an increased ability to take risks in their learning and in their problem-solving. It has also been suggested that educating the genders together boosts the self-confidence and belief that underpins pupils’ later success at senior school. Many progressive independent schools are now aligning their intakes accordingly and opening their junior schools to both boys and girls for the first time. With many parents agreeing that teaching boys and girls together in their junior years provides the best of all worlds, it seems the future is bright for co-education.

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