Monday, 08 August 2022

Stone cat waits among flowers

Stone cat waits among flowers

Sir, — I’m attaching this photo of a stone cat that sits on a small patch of grass in front of the house.

I think she looks a little like the embodiment of the ancient Egyptian cult of the cat.

Every spring these little blue flowers grow up around her feet, while she looks towards the gate, watching for her mistress’s return.

She does not know that her mistress will not now return but still she waits.

It always puts me in mind of the little male android, David, in the Steven Spielberg film A. I.

Towards the end of the film, David waits for 2,000 years for the “Blue Fairy” from the Adventures of Pinocchio to turn him into a real boy. A human being.

I’m hardly expecting this Egyptian stone moggie to wait quite that long!

I like this picture anyway and I hope others may do as well. — Yours faithfully,

David Wood


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