Tuesday, 09 August 2022

Agency's presenting a new face to the world

Agency's presenting a new face to the world

WARMINGHAM, the family-owned business that’s called Goring home for the past 32 years, is proud of its new-look website and (uncharacteristically for them) is happy to shout about it, writes Lucy Boon.

The address remains the same, but the feel and functionality take some beating.

“We launched our new site last year and we’ve been having great feedback about it,” says director of sales Paul O’Laughlin.

“Unlike other websites that are simply mobile-friendly, our website actually adapts to whatever screen you’re seeing it on.”

Standard Property knows what he means — it can be frustrating when you’re viewing a website on your mobile phone and the screen keeps flipping between mobile and computer views.

“This doesn’t happen with our site — it adapts whether you’re using a tablet, a phone, a laptop, a Mac or a PC, and stays on that view,” adds Paul.

What’s also new is the functionality to search on an area you “draw” yourself (just like property portal Zoopla currently offers with its “draw your area” feature).

“I don’t believe any other local agency website offers a search of this kind, apart from ourselves,” says Paul.

The website also offers a specific “school” and “train station” specific search option. Very handy if you know you have to be a maximum of one mile from Henley railway station.

Along with the website www.warmingham.com, don’t miss the firm’s adverts here in Homes Weekly every week.

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