Monday, 27 September 2021

Reporting system is a Doddle...

Reporting system is a Doddle...

THIS year Luckley House School introduced a dynamic new tracking and reporting system called Doddle.

The system allows teachers to assess how well pupils are working towards their targets and quickly shows up where they might need a little extra help — or are in need of some well-deserved praise.

The programme also encourages independent learning, in that when an area of weakness is flagged up, pupils have the option to utilise the online teaching resources supplied by Doddle to try and improve this individual skill.

The online test allows the teacher, the pupil and their parents a chance to assess the pupil’s progress and to offer more support if necessary.

Parents have live access to the assessment tool, so can easily see how well their children are doing in every subject, with data that is constantly being updated.

Deputy head Mr Ian Vallance, who is responsible for implementing the new system, says: “So far this year 40,000 personal learning challenges have been tracked and as a school we have been showcased by the company as a school who have adopted Doddle in an exemplary fashion.

“We have received such positive feedback from parents, who are so pleased to be able to access up-to-date information about their child’s progress, and as such are able to support their development in specific areas.”

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