Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Discover how effective Heartfulness method is

Discover how effective Heartfulness method is

OVER the past few decades, meditation has acquired universal recognition for its numerous positive effects — some are listed in our NHS webpages.

The Heartfulness method includes a five-minute relaxation as a preliminary or standalone and is especially effective with children.

What makes the meditation so effective is the addition of an element known as pranahuti or yogic transmission.

You can test this method by meditating first without a trainer and then with.

For many the experience is so convincing that no further proof or understanding is necessary.

Heartfulness meditation can be used by anyone who is interested and is compatible with all systems and beliefs.

To learn more about this method, please visit www.heartfulness-uk.org or contact your local trainer Christopher Page on 07540 116263 or by emailing chris.chrisnteresa@gmail.com

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