Friday, 24 September 2021

Harry Hedgehog and Freya Fox

HARRY the hedgehog lived with his mummy in Hampstead Heath.

One day, Harry asked his mummy if he could go where the grass is softer and berries are jucier.

His mum said: “No darling Harry, the fox might catch you.”

But Harry couldn’t resist going where the grass was softer and the berries are juicier.

And so he did go.

As he started to enjoy the berries… Harry heard the cried of a fox.

Harry jumped with fright!

Harry was about to run but he realised the cries were actually for help.

Freya the fox was trapped in a big plastic bag that someone had thrown into the heath.

Harry decided to be brave and save Freya. He used his pricks to tear open the plastic bag.

Freya said: “Thank you for saving me, let’s be friends.”

Sometimes animals are much less dangerous than humans.

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