Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Exciting start to the school year

Exciting start to the school year

MOULSFORD Prep School has had an even more exciting start to the new academic year than usual, kicking off a brand new curriculum, a restructuring of the school day and a newly devised extracurricular activities programme.

The focus for all the changes rests firmly with the aim to provide Moulsford boys with not only an outstanding academic education, but also skills for life beyond school.

The academic curriculum promotes intellectual agility, encouraging boys to think and analyse critically and make connections across the subjects, while providing plenty of opportunity for creativity and collaboration.

Combining this with new opportunities for extracurricular activities, from geocaching and genealogy to ceramics and kayaking, Moulsford boys are encouraged to develop resilience by having a go, to take well-thought-out risks, and to persevere when things do not go according to plan.

The teaching programme is specifically designed to get the best out of boys, with plenty of practical and outdoor learning. Competitive sport remains a vital part of school life, with full advantage taken of the wonderful grounds and sports facilities, as well as teams and coaching to suit all levels of ability.

A daily bus service runs to and from Shiplake via Henley, as well as minibus routes via Watlington, Upper Basildon and Culham.

For more information, visit www.moulsford.com

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