Saturday, 18 September 2021

Turning back the pages - 25 years ago

RACING ferrets and their young owners from Henley and Harpsden are to gain TV stardom on October 1. Ferrets Richie and Kim — plus handlers Sam Austin and Richard Tetlow, aged 12 and 11, will appear before thousands of viewers on the second show of BBC1’s new series, Star Pets. Shown at 4.10pm, the first of the series went out yesterday (Thursday), starring a cycling dog and a romantic guinea pig.

Torrential downpours on Tuesday night spared Henley the disasters caused in other areas of the country. But it did not pass completely without incident. Mcllroy’s in Bell Street was closed on Wednesday to clean up water damage to carpets and some stock while firemen spent hours fighting floods in Checkendon and Whitchurch.

Work on the proposed pelican crossing outside the Wheatsheaf pub in Henley’s Reading Road has been suspended until further notice. Protests from residents and the local county councillor, together with a 200-name petition to the county council, has led to the plan being deferred for further consultation. Residents said that a crossing in that position would be dangerous and traders claimed their livelihoods would be affected.

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