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College has its finger on the 'PULSE' when it comes to transferable skills

College has its finger on the 'PULSE' when it comes to transferable skills

A BESPOKE Personal Understanding, Learning Skills and Enrichment programme — PULSE for short — has been integrated into the sixth form timetable for the new academic year at Shiplake College.

In addition to three core sixth form subjects, all pupils will complete an externally-recognised qualification as part of this curriculum extension programme, studied within the timetable over two periods per week and completed by the end of year 12.

The chosen qualification will develop a range of vital personal skills and also provide additional UCAS tariff points.

Pupils have a choice of one from two highly sought after qualifications — the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and ASDAN’s Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE).

To complement this taught programme, there is also a weekly lecture by visiting speakers, drawn from a range of backgrounds and expertise, to inspire and educate the year 12 pupils.

The topics are vast and varied, with the aim beomg to broaden pupils’ horizons, stretch their knowledge in subjects they are studying, and explore new topics and ideas.

The initial weeks of the programme have also provided training in key academic skills, such as independent learning, research, public speaking, digital literacy, planning, times management, and presentation skills.

The 21st century job marketplace and highly competitive university application process requires individuals who show evidence of willingness to go a little further in their education. This programme enables Shiplake College pupils to stand out from the crowd by tailoring their sixth form studies to their specific areas of academic interest, together with developing key transferable skills and the personal attributes outlined in the college’s “Shiplake Seven”.

About Shiplake College

Every year at Shiplake College, the headmaster’s beginning of term address to staff and pupils sees Mr Gregg Davies provide a word or phrase of the year that he would like all members of the school community to have in mind during their day-to-day teaching or learning and activities.

This often reflects the growth mindset that is instilled in the pupils and staff — with previous words and phrases being “yet” and “just try”. This year the headmaster revealed that the phrase would be “nullum est periculum mercedem non” (“no risk, no reward”). The 2016-2017 year was incredibly successful for Shiplake College for various reasons, including record numbers, records broken in both A-levels and GCSE results, and sporting successes such as reaching the semi-finals at Henley Royal Regatta.

The phrase “no risk, no reward” has therefore never seemed so right for the college, as all connected to Shiplake strive to continue to make the environment as best as it possibly can be for the pupils to develop and flourish.

Mr Davies recently asked staff what makes a successful school. Instead of awards and records, answers included schools that create value added; have happy parents and staff; develop the whole child; instil independent resilience; fulfil potential; develop character; have reflective staff and pupils; provide a wide range of opportunities; improve life chances; and promote positive relationships.

It could be argued that the answers above are the real mark of a successful school, with “the people” being the most important above all else.

Shiplake College is proud to say that it is a successful school.

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