Sunday, 26 September 2021

'Raw' is the way to feed your dog as nature intended

'Raw' is the way to feed your dog as nature intended

HENLEY Raw Dog Food is a new raw dog food company in Henley.

We are a family-run business offering incredible raw dog food, such as completes, chunks, minces and offal.

We offer free local delivery and currently have a special offer of a 5kg starter pack for £10. Orders can be placed over the telephone or online. Henley Raw Dog Food is all about feeding your dog the way nature intended. In a very short time your dog’s health and wellbeing can improve dramatically.

Just some of the many benefits of raw are improved digestion, healthier skin and coat, better teeth and gums, firmer harder stools and a calmer happier dog. Moving your dog on to raw is a easy process, and your dog will love you all the more for it!

If you are new to raw and would like some more information, please call us on 07824644362 — we will be very happy to answer any of your questions.

Alternatively, visit us at or find us on Facebook.

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