Monday, 27 September 2021

Clay shooter has voucher offer

Clay shooter has voucher offer

FANCY finding that extra-special unique gift this Christmas? Well, this local woman’s solution could be just on target.

Pet Easton, England and GB squad, international champion clay shooter is offering her knowledge as a highly accomplished shooting coach for bespoke local tuition.

Her Christmas gift vouchers could just be the answer to finding that ultimate, exciting present suitable for all ages and for all abilities.

Pet says one of her simple “Clay Shooting Experience Gift Vouchers” is an ideal introduction to anyone who has not picked up a gun before.

Her December offer is a snip at £50 for an all-inclusive package and can be a thrilling challenge to get to grips with in the New Year.

Her experience is vast, with a 25-year career on the range and in the field both at home and abroad and her career as a shooting coach has opened up many doors along the way.

Pet has been the official coach to the Royal Navy and Royal Marine Commando shooting team for the past six years and has an impressive success rate with her many and varied clients, not just within the armed forces.

Pet strongly believes in encouragement and that young shots are the future and survival of the sport and she has been the guiding light to several well-known Olympic young shooting men and women, offering her expertise to them at an early age.

For more information on finding the perfect package for you, please email Pet on or call 07973 687971.

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