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Published letters writers

THE following people had letters to the editor published in the Henley Standard during 2017. We thank you all.


Peter M Adams, Petersfield, Hants

Malcolm Adamson, Brook Street, Benson

Councillor Martin Akehurst, Henley Town Council, Two Tree Hill, Henley

Alexis Alexander, Gosbrook Road, Caversham

Eva and Keith Allen, Donnington Gardens, Reading

John Allen, Binfield Heath

Terry Allsop, Ewelme

Heather Allwright, Wood Lane, Sonning Common

Bernd Altenburg, Hamilton Avenue, Henley

The Alvey sisters, Sonning Common

Gary Anderson, organiser, Chiltern Tractor Run

Duncan Andrews, Reading

Jo Andrews, Gainsborough Road, Henley

Nick Angelou, St Andrew’s Road, Henley

Rosemary Appleby, Brocks Way, Shiplake

Hugh Archibald, Greys Road, Henley

Councillor Ken Arlett, Henley Town Council, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Hilary Arthur, Riverside Counselling Service, Northfield End, Henley

Kate Ashbrook, general secretary, the Open Spaces Society, Bell Street, Henley

Flora and David Ashby

Ed Atkinson, Queen Street, Henley

Joanna Atkinson, Pages Orchard, Sonning Common

K B Atkinson, Red House Drive, Sonning Common

Mrs H Austin, Hambleden

Selina Avent, Wargrave


J F Bailey, St Andrew’s Road, Henley

Mrs D Baker, Woodcote

Lorna Baker, Victoria Road, Wargrave

Roger Bale, Upper Warren Avenue, Caversham

Tim Balmford

Pearl Barker, St Mary’s Close, Henley

Peter and Rebecca Barker, Cranbrook Drive, Maidenhead

Malcolm Barnett, St Katherine’s Road, Henley

Paul Barrett, chairman of trustees, Chiltern Centre for disabled children, Henley

Councillor David Bartholomew, Sonning Common division, Oxfordshire County Council

Ginny Batchelor-Smith, Lower Assendon

Clive Bates, Sonning Common

John Batty, Mill Close, Middle Assendon

Catherine Bearder, Lib-Dem MEP, South-East England

Liz Beddows, Dunsden

Tim Beechey-Newman, Gravel Hill, Caversham

Ian Bell, The Meadows, Watlington

Tom Berman, Henley Road, Wargrave

Dr Rachel Beswick, Satwell Close, Henley

Mark Bicknell

Sue Bingham

Simon Blake

Joan Bland, New Street, Henley

Nicholas Blandy, Shiplake

Councillor Felix Bloomfield, South Oxfordshire District Council

David Booth, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Peter Boros, Reading Road, Lower Shiplake

Colin Bourne, Sonning Eye

Mrs B Bowles, Luker Avenue, Henley

Flick Boyd-Carpenter, Sonning

Simon Brickhill, Goring Heath

Councillor Liz Brighouse, Oxfordshire County Council

Marion Brockway, Deanfield Road, Henley

Martin Brommell, Hewett Avenue, Caversham

Chris Brook, Kidmore End

Julian and Gabriele Brookes, Mayor and Mayoress of Henley

Andrew Brooks, Bewley Homes, Baughurst, Hants

David Brough, Harpsden

Anne Brown, St Mark’s Road, Henley

Bruce Brown, Henley

Carol Brown, Bix Common

Clare Brown, Hopton, Suffolk

Kathy Brown, Conisboro Avenue, Caversham

Maureen Brown

Sam Brown, Western Road, Henley

Mrs T Brown, Sonning Common

Frank Browne, Chairman, Henley Conservatives

Lee Buckett, Heathfield Avenue, Binfield Heath

Maureen Buckland, War Memorial Place, Henley

Kay Bunyan. Elizabeth Road, Henley

Chris Burden, Cromwell Road, Reading

Rupert Burden

Jane Burtt, Harpsden

K C Bushnell, Lambridge Wood Road, Henley

David Butler, Sonning Common

Gary Butler, Shiplake


R C, Henley

Tim Capell, St Mark’s Road, Henley

Julia Carey, Reading Road, Henley

Veronica Carlton, Station Road, Henley

Sheridan Carr, Riverside Counselling Service

Mr J Cassidy, Thames Side, Henley

Inez Challis, Wyndale Close, Henley

Claire Cheetham, Henley

Ann Chivers, Westleigh Drive, Sonning Common

Susie Chown, Maidensgrove

Father Christmas, Lapland

Ian Clark, Cromwell Road, Henley

The Clees, Mill Lane, Kidmore End

Terry Colby, Peppard Lane, Henley

Diana Cole, Whitchurch

Penelope Cole, Newnham Hill, near Stoke Row

R F Cole, Whitchurch

Diana Coleman, Abrahams Road, Henley

Phyllis Colin, Peppard Road, Sonning Common

Monica Collins, Crowsley Road, Shiplake

Philip Collings, Peppard Common

Michael Colston, Nettlebed

Stephen Colver, Akela, 1st Henley cubs

Brian Connolly, Honorary treasurer, South Oxfordshire Mencap Society, Church Street, Henley

Sheila Constantinidi, Wargrave Road, Henley

David Cook, Remenham

Pamela Cook, King’s Road, Henley

R E Cooke, Northield End, Henley

Sylvia Cooke, Hawthorn Way, Sonning

David Cooksley, Goring

Ann Coombs, Goring Heath

Stephen Cooper

Geoffrey Copas, Copas Farms, Hedsor, Taplow

Councillor John Cotton, leadrer, South Oxfordshire District Council

Sonia Cox, Baronsmead, Henley

Laura Coyle, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for Henley

Donna Crook, Abrahams Road, Henley

Simon J Crouch, chairman, Rotherfield Peppard Parish Council

Andrew Cumpsty, Upper Warren Avenue, Caversham


Louise Daly, Duke Street, Henley

Danny Darcy, Piggotts Road, Caversham

Mark Davies, Valley Road, Henley

Peter Dayton, Kennylands Road, Sonning Common

Stephen Derek, Fairford Road, Tilehurst, Reading

Martin Dew, Change Britain campaign, Northfied End, Henley

David Dickie, Clean Air for Henley, St Katherine’s Road, Henley

Ella Dickson, Greys Hill, Henley

Jo Dickson, co-chair, Henley Youth Festival

Tim Dickson, Greys Hill, Henley

Judy Dinsdale, Northfield End, Henley

Patricia Dixon, Lovell Close, Henley

Rachel Dobson, Henley

Gill Dodds, leader, Henley Residents’ Group, Greys Road, Henley

Sandy Doggart, Badgemore Lane, Henley

Sue Doughty, Verey Close, Twyford

R F Douglas, Peppard Road, Emmer Green

John Downing, Reading Road, Henley

Pat Doyle, Sonning

Susan Doyle, Sonning

Lisa Drage, Norman Avenue, Henley

Peter Dragonetti, Whitchurch

Rosemary Duckett, Marlow Road, Henley

Michael Dudley, Remenham Lane, Remenham

Clive Duncan, Station Road, Shiplake


Jon Edgell, Wargrave

Jayne Edmunds, Station Road, Shiplake

Ms G Edwards, Brightwell Baldwin

Councillor David Eggleton, Henley Town Council, Gainsborough Road, Henley

Harriet Eggleton, Caversham

Chris Ellison, director, Performance Cricket

Ron and Angie Emerson, Remenham Lane, Remenham

Michael Emmett, Peppard Common

Peter and Frieda Entwisle, Nicholas Road, Henley

D Etherington, Nettlebed

Anne Evans, music director, Aliquando Chamber Choir, Henley

Barrie and Carol Evans, Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex

John Evans, Grove Road, Sonning Common

Councillor Sam Evans, Henley Town Council, Reading Road, Henley

Charlotte Every, Aston

Lewis Every, Swiss Farm, Henley


S Fairbaery, Checkendon

Nick Fairbrother, Kiln Lane, Binfield Heath

Paul Farmer, Wensley Road, Reading

David Feary, treasurer, Henley Residents’ Group, Walton Avenue, Henley

Jennifer Fellner, Cookley Green, Swyncombe

Christopher Fenwick, Croft Drive, Pangbourne

Aldon Ferguson, Ridgeway, Wargrave

Stefania Ferrara, Italy

Pam Ferris, Blue Cross ambassador

Sheila Ferris

Valerio Filippini

Ken Fitt, Ipsden

William Fitzhugh, Caversham

William Fitzhugh, Henley

Dick Fletcher, Mill End, Hambleden

Jane Foddy, Wargrave

Michael Forsdike, chairman of Trustees, Henley Municipal Charities

Garry Forster, Goring Heath

Ian Forster, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Councillor Tom Fort, Sonning Common Parish Council

Alex Foster, director, Caversham Picture Framer, Church Road, Caversham

Bridget Fraser, Hambleden

Katie Freebody, Hurley

Sheila Freer, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Betty Freeman, Beech Rise, Sonning Common

Sheila and Geoff Freer, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Andrew French, Reades Lane, Sonning Common

Joan French, Orchard Close, Shiplake Cross

George Frinton, Henley

Lynne Froud, Galsworthy Drive, Caversham

Margie Fuller, Henley

Dr Chris Furley, Henley Mobile Veterinary Service


Isabel Gann, Henley

Hilda Garnham, Gravel Hill Crescent, Peppard Common

Jean Garon, Henley

Jane Gascoine, Sonning Eye

Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak, Henley Town Council, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Tom Geake, Red House Drive, Sonning Common

B Gealy, Shiplake

Kester George, chairman, Harpsden Parish Council

Alan Gibbon, Woodlands Road, Sonning Common

Ruth Gibson, acting secretary, Henley Archaeological and Historical Group, Vicarage Road, Henley

Julian Glasspole, Shiplake

David Gobbett, Elizabeth Close, Henley

Linda Goddard, regional operations manager, Alzheimer’s Society, Abingdon

Steve Goodrich, Badgers Walk, Lower Shiplake

Alan Goswell, Lea Road, Sonning Common

Jose Goumal, Bell Street, Henley

John Green, chairman, Henley and Peppard branch, Royal British Legion

Lorna Greenwood, Lovell Close, Henley

Jose Griffin, Gainsborough Hill, Henley

John Grout, Upton Close, Henley

Grundon Waste Management, Oxford Road, Benson

Neil Gunnell, Henley Trains, Blandy Road, Henley

Richard Guy, New Street, Henley


Mrs J Hadley, Leaver Road, Henley

Mike Hails, secretary, Churches Together in Henley

Sandy Hale, Deanacre, Henley

Councillor William Hall, South Oxfordshire District Council, New Street, Henley

Edward G Hallett, Longfield Road, Twyford

Darius Halpern, Citizens Advice, Oxfordshire South and Vale

Councillor John Halsall, Wokingham Borough Council

Will Hamilton, Greys Road, Henley

Tracey Hancock, head of fund-raising, Sue Ryder hospice, Nettlebed

Kate Hannah, Station Road, Lower Shiplake

Edward P Harding, Crowsley Road, Lower Shiplake

Carl Harris, owner, Harris Taxis, Henley

Mr F Harris, Chiltern Bank, Peppard Common

Councillor Paul Harrison, Sonning Common ward, South Oxfordshire District Council

Alun Harvey, Stadskanaal, Netherlands

John Hatt, Goring Heath

Mark P Hatt, South Stoke Road, Woodcote

Patricia Havenga, Albert Road, Henley

Andrew Hawkins, Berkshire Road, Henley

Rob Hayes, general manager, National Trust, Thames Valley portfolio

Simon Haynes, Watcombe Road, Watlington

Andy Healey, Henley

Keith Hedges, Hazelmoor Lane, Gallowstree Common

Susan Hems, Rotherfield Greys

Clive Hemsley, Hart Street, Henley

Michael Herriot, Valley Road, Henley

D W Hermon, Northfield End, Henley

Claire Higham, Sheridan Avenue, Caversham

John Hill, Broad Plat

Steve Hind, Henley

Councillor Kellie Hinton, Henley Town Council, Queen Street, Henley

Dieter Hinke, chairman, Henley and Harpsden neighbourhood plan group, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Georgina F Hitchen, Dunsden Way, Binfield Heath

Martin Hoare, Stonor

Kate Hobbs, White Waltham

Sheila Hobbs, Reading Rotary Club

E Hodge, Caversham

Amanda Holden, Hammer Lane, Warborough

Michael Hollas, Queen Close, Henley

Ann Hooton, Henley

Peter Hopkins, Wyndale Close, Henley

Rex Hora, Erleigh Court Gardens, Earley

Ed Horner, coach, Henley Hawks under-10s squad

John Howard, Henley

John Howarth, MEP for South East England

John Howell, Henley MP, House of Commons

Trevor Howell, Blandy Road, Henley

Councillor John Howson, Oxfordshire County Council

Councillor Ian Hudspeth, leader, Oxfordshire County Council

Nick Hughes, Henley

Andrew Huyton, Lawson Road, Henley

Ken Hydon, Shiplake


Dave Irwin, Sonning Common

Jill Irwin, Singer’s Close, Henley

Paula Isaac, Gainsborough Road, Henley


Curtis Jackson, Orchard Close, Henley

Diana Jackson, Ipsden

Hugh Jaeger, chairman, Bus Users Oxford

Terry James, Station Road, Shiplake

Mark Jameson, Charvil

Dr L Jamnicky, Priory Avenue, Caversham

Stuart Jarvis, Milton

Hazel Jenkins

Anne Johnson, Henley

Philip Johnson, Northfield Avenue, Lower Shiplake

Val Johnson, Marlow

Angelina Jones, Greys Road, Henley

Barrie Jones, Mill Road, Lower Shiplake

David Jones, Caryl Road, Lytham St Annes, Lancs

Dirk Jones, Kennylands Road, Sonning Common

Nicola Jones, Woodcote Way, Caversham

Richard Jones, Reading Road, Henley

Sally Jones, Ancastle Green, Henley

Councillor Tony Jones, lead councillor for education, Reading Borough Council

Wynn Jones, Henley


Douglas Kedge, Lea Road, Sonning Common

Yvonne Kedge, Lea Road, Sonning Common

Polly Kerr, Littlemore, Oxford

Keith Knight, Swiss Farm, Marlow Road, Henley

Linda Knight, Swiss Farm, Marlow Road, Henley

Will Kuhl, Thames Side, Henley


The Laceys, Henley

Councillor Glen Lambert, Henley Town Council, Greys Road, Henley

James Lambert, Mill End, Hambleden

Tim Large, West Street, Henley

Peter Laverick, Poling, West Sussex

Ann Law, Heathfield Avenue, Binfield Heath

Maria Lawrence, Reading Road, Henley

Tony Lawson-Smith, Fair Mile, Henley

John Lee, Hemdean Road, Caversham

Lisa Lee, King’s Road, Henley

Nicola Lee

Veronica Leeke, Emmer Green

Christopher Leeming, Matson Drive, Remenham

Juliet Legg, Lambourne Road, Sonning Common

Tony Lehain, Charvil

Malcolm Leonard, Badgers Walk, Shiplake

Barbara Lewis, Pearces Meadow, Nettlebed

Carol Lewis, Gillotts Lane, Henley

Councillor Carole Lewis, chairman, Sonning Common Parish Council planning committee

Janine Lewis, Henley

Malcolm Lewis, Pearces Meadow, Nettlebed

Enid Light, Wargrave Road, Henley

Roger Lightfoot, Odiham Avenue, Caversham Park Village

Barbara Lippitt, The Close, Henley

Graham Lloyd, Henley

Robert Lobley, Thames Street, Sonning

Anne Long Phyllis Court, Drive, Henley

John Louth, Hart Street, Henley

Geoff Luckett, Harpsden Road, Henley

Steve Ludlow, Station Road, Henley

Graham Lyke, Peppard Road, Emmer Green


Judith MacBeth, Highdown Avenue, Emmer Green

Jackie Macdonald, Hambleden

Jane MacLean, Kidmore End

Arabella Maguire, Canford Road, London

Colin Malcolmson, Nettlebed

Daniel Mander, chairman, Caversham Trents Football Club

Alex Manning, cadet liaison officer, Henley and Peppard branch, Royal British Legion

Mark Manson, Schoolfields, Shiplake Cross

John Margetts, Sydenham

Rita Markham, Mill Lane, Doncaster

Stewart Marks, Director, Sue Ryder hospice, Nettlebed

Jane Martin, Poppy Appeal organiser, Harpsden

Vivienne Marton, Marlow Road, Hambleden

Paul Maxwell, Newtown, Henley

Theresa May, Prime Minister, Downing Street, London

David Maynerd, chairman, Mapledurham Playing Fields Action Group

Leslie Maynerd, Whitchurch

Lady McAlpine, Fawley Hill

Kaye McArthur, Ancastle Green, Henley

Kevin McCourt, Rotherfield Road, Henley

John McCracken, Largs, Ayshire

Lisa McDonald, St Andrew’s Road, Henley

Mary McWhinnie, Caversham

Laila Meachin, Gainsborough Road, Henley

Libby Meachin and the Meteor Club, Henley

Philip Meadowcroft, Wargrave User Group, Watermans Way, Wargrave

Henrik and Marianne Meisner-Jensen, New Street, Henley

Deon and Gill Melck, Hart Street, Henley

James Miller, Henley Cycles, Reading Road, Henley

Kerry Miller, Henley

Patricia Miller, Springfield Park, Twyford

Councillor Sarah Miller, Henley Town Council, Reading Road, Henley

Richard Milner, Market Place, Henley

Sarah Moberly, practice manager, Hart surgery, Henley

Rhona Mogridge, Makins Road, Henley

Peter Moir, Upper Warren Avenue, Caversham

Rupert Molloy, York Road, Henley

Frank Moore, Thornbers Way, Charvil

John Moore, Northfield End, Henley

Philip Moore, Blandy Road, Henley

Vic Moore, Remenham Hill

Helen Morgan, Uplands Road, Caversham

Laura Morley, Greys Road, Henley

Andrew Morris, Peppard

Laurence Morris, Laurence Menswear, Duke Street, Henley

G Morse, Station Road, Henley

Odette Moss, Gillotts Lane, Harpsden

Patricia Mulcahy, chair, Henley Branch User Group, Milton Close, Henley

Patrick Mulcahy, Milton Close, Henley

Jim Munro, Blandy Road, Henley


Gillian Nahum, director, Henley sales and charter, Friday Street, Henley

Craig Nayman, Thames Side, Henley

Jim Neale, Paradise Road, Henley

Brenda Nichol, Shiplake

Tom Nicholson, general manager, Henley leisure centre

Soren Nielsen, Belle Vue Road, Henley

Councillor David Nimmo Smith, Henley Town Council, South Oxfordshire District Council and Oxfordshire County Council, St Andrew’s Road, Henley

Cedric Nixon, Hambleden

Miranda de Normann

Elizabeth Nutter, Nettlebed


Rachel Oliver, Circus Starr, Congleton, Cheshire

David Orpwood, Watlington

The Reading group of Overeaters Anonymous

Jackie Oversby, co-ordinator, Global Justice Reading

C Overton, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire


Chris and Teresa Page, Crisp Road, Henley

David Palmer, Swiss Farm, Henley

Neil Parsley, Mount View, Henley

Kay Parton, Mill Road, Shiplake

Colin Patrick, Stoke Row Road, Kingwood

Judy Perry, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Phil Perry, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Mike Phelan, Deanfield Road, Henley

Pam Phillips, St Mark’s Road, Henley

Sophie Phillips

Chrissie Phillips-Tilbury, Woodlands Road, Sonning Common

Jane Pickering, Greys Hill, Henley

Francis Piesse, Queen Street, Henley

Mrs K Pinder, Lambridge Wood Road, Henley

Helen Pitcher, Newtown Gardens, Henley

Councillor Bob Pitts, Wokingham Borough Council

Leslie Plumb, Queen Street, Henley

Howard Poll, Stoke Row

Dr Bill Pollard, Ancastle Green, Henley

Brian Poole, Hurley

Mike Pooley, chairman, Henley Regatta for the Disabled

Tom Potter, Church Street, Henley

Valerie Green Powell, Watlington

Eileen Preston, Henley

Vivien Price, Shiplake

Barry A Prior, Kiln Road, Emmer Green

Debbie Procter, Cuxham

Cheryl Purver, Aston

Sarah Pye, Sonning Common


Mrs G M Radley, Vicarage Road, Henley

Mr R C Radley, Vicarage Road, Henley

Dave Ramm, Reading

Sally Rankin, Henley Wildlife Group, Coldharbour Close, Henley

Martyn Read, Mount View Court, Henley

Charlotte Redman, Thames Valley Police

Bernard Redway, Liebenrood Road, Reading

Richard Reed, Emmer Green

Susan Reed, Stonor

Sandra Reed-Jennings

Barbara Reid, London Road, Twyford

Councillor Ian Reissmann, Henley Town Council, Gainsborough Road, Henley

Deenagh M Reynolds, Badgemore Lane, Henley

Gaye Rice, Woodlands Road, Sonning Common

Audrey Richardson, Wootton Road, Henley

Ella Richardson, Sonning

Jill Richardson, J’eux d’esprit, Henley

Rolf Richardson, Wootton Road, Henley

Karen Ricketts, Hurst Morris People

Jane Rigby, Catslip

Chris Roberts, Ancastle Green, Henley

Merryl Roberts, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Matt Rodda, Reading East MP, House of Commons

Paul Rollason, chairman, Binfield Heath Parish Council

Mike Romans, Cromwell Road, Henley

Judi-Ann Roscoe, New Street, Henley

Barny Ross-Lee, Vicarage Road, Henley

Allen Rout, Ancastle Green, Henley

Will Rowson, High Street, Wargrave

Vincent Ruane, Grove Road, Emmer Green

Catherine Rubinstein, Harpsden

Ali Rumble, Wood Lane, Sonning Common

Teresa Russ, Hambleden

Gylly (Logan) Rutherford, Eastbury

Felicity Rutland, Remenham

Tom Ryan, River Terrace, Henley


JS, Henley

Edward Sandars, Church Street, Henley

Jennifer Sanderson, Greys Road, Henley

Paul Sargeantson, Britwell Salome

Becky Saunders, Riverside Counselling Service, Northfield End, Henley

Gill Saxon, human resources manager, Hare Hatch Sheeplands garden centre, near Wargrave

Neil Scott, Kennylands Road, Sonning Common

Giuseppe Scozzafava, Sonning Common

Jonathan Sedwell, Priest Close, Nettlebed

Christopher Selkirk, High Street, Cookham

Gillian Seymour, Kennylands Road, Sonning Common

Nick Shanagher, Widmore Lane, Sonning Common

Mike Shattock, Earley

Derek Shirley, Phyllis Court Drive, Henley

Edward Sierpowski, Crisp Road, Henley

John Skuse, chairman, River Thames Society, Pinkneys Green

J Smart, Henley

Councillor Jane Smewing, Henley Town Council, St Mark’s Road, Henley

A Smith, South Stoke Road, Woodcote

Anne Smith, Upper Warren Avenue, Caversham

Barney Smith, Buxton Avenue, Caversham

Margaret Smith, Station Road, Marlow

Rod Smith, Upper Warren Avenue, Caversham

Wayne Smith, Singers Close, Henley

Pam Soley, Penny Royal, Goring Heath

Pat Sparrowhawk, Nettlebed

Ann Spicer, chair, Henley Arts and Crafts Guild

Lesley Spiers, Henley

Gordon Squire, Plowden Way, Shiplake

Ione and Caitlin Stacey, Sonning Common

Mike Stares, co-chairman, Goring neighbourhood plan steering group

Ken Stevens, Red House Drive, Sonning Common

Amanda Stewart, Beech Lane, Woodcote

Peter C Stone, Blandy Road, Henley

Val Stoner, Wyndale Close, Henley

Jenny Storek, Goring

Tracey Sugrue, Henley

Kate Swinburne-Johnson, co-chair, Henley Youth Festival

Peter Symons, Bell Street, Henley

Pam Syrett, Henley Archaeological and Historical Group, Makins Road, Henley


Paddy Tabor, chief executive, Kidney Care UK

Barry Taylor, Lauds Close, Henley

Emma Taylor, chairwoman, Henley Outdoor Play Scheme

Tony Taylor, Knappe Close, Henley

Tudor Taylor, chairman, Shiplake Parish Council

Monty Taylor, Shepherds Green

David and Joshua Thatcher, Gainsborough Crescent, Henley

Keiron Thatcher

Dylan Thomas, Northfield End, Henley

David Thomas, Greys Hill, Henley

Hywel Thomas, Cholsey

Margaret Thompson, Reading Road, Henley

Robert Thompson, Henley

Peter Thomson, Henley Rotary Club

John Thornley, Makins Road, Henley

Dr A I Tiffin, Northfield End, Henley

John Todd, Henley

Charles Tollitt, Orchard Close, Shiplake Cross

Janice Tomlin, Caversham

Victoria Trainer, Henley

Dr Robert Treharne Jones, Middle Assendon

Mike Trethewey, chairman, Henley Rugby Club

D Trimmings, The Close, Henley

Brian Triptree, Gravel Hill, Henley

Ian Tritton, Henley Lions Club

David Tyldesley, Woodlands Road, Sonning Common


Sue Udell, The Close, Woodcote

Jerry Unsworth, planning consultant, McAdden Homes, Reading

Councillor Bryan Urbick, Goring Parish Council


Simon Vail, Cromwell Road, Henley

Jill Vallis, Sonning Common

Adrian Vanheems, Baskerville Road, Sonning Common

Ros Varnes, deputy parish clerk, Sonning Common Parish Council

Pam Vines, Springfield Close, Watlington

Carol Viney, Club SC, Sonning Common


W Waddell, Mitcheldean, Glos

Linda Wadley, Highfield Park, Marlow

Nick Walden, chairman, the Heights Primary School, Caversham

Ed Waldron, London

Sheila Walker, Sonning Common

John Wallace, Auton Place, Henley

Geoff Walsh, Wyndale Close, Henley

Catherine Walters, chairman, Highmoor Parish Council

Joyce Ward, director, Samaritans, Bracknell, Wokingham, Ascot and districts

Peter Ward, King James Way, Henley

Alyson Warren, Middle Assendon

Neil Wastell, Stevens Lane, Peppard

Janet Waters, chair, Bell Surgery patient participation group, Western Road, Henley

L Watkins, Friday Street, Henley

Peter Watkins, Henley Bowls Club

Tracy Watkins, Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, Reading

Amanda Watkins-Cooke, Sonning Common

Ben Watson, Woodlands Road, Harpsden

Helen Watson, Cold Harbour, Goring Heath

David L Watts, Manor Road, Goring

Bill Weaver, Ash Copse, Dunsden

Jasmine Weaver, Sherwood Gardens, Henley

Peter Webb

Councillor Richard Webber, Oxfordshire County Council

Helen Weller, The Warren, Caversham

Anthony and Sarah West, Remenham Lane, Remenham

Lynda West, Deanfield Avenuue, Henley

Graham Wheal, Wargrave

Melanie White, Emmer Green

Rick White

Ron White, Milton Close, Henley

Sue Wiblin, Elizabeth Road, Henley

Pete Wickham, Sonning Common

Clive Wilkinson, chairman, Thamesfield Youth Association, Henley

Sam Wilkinson, Harpsden Road, Henley

Rev J Willans, Leigh, Surrey

Clive Williams, Middle Assendon

Frances Williams, Gainsborough Crescent, Henley

Mark Williams

Sue Williams, Sonning Common

Laureen Williamson, Bell Street Mews, Henley

Roger Willoughby, Twyford

Paul Willson, Pound Lane, Sonning

Minnie Wilson, Nicholas Road, Henley

Catherine Winchester, Belle Vue Road, Henley

David Winchester, secretary, Henley Labour Party, Kennylands Road, Sonning Common

Paul Winslow, Balliol Road, Caversham Heights

Gary Winter, Frieth

Janet Wise, War Memorial Place, Henley

Martin Wise, Coombe End, Goring Heath

Barry Wood, Stoke Row Road, Peppard

David Wood, Maidensgrove

David Woodward, chairman, Eye & Dunsden Parish Council

Peter Woolsey, Binfield Heath

Anthony Wright, Woodlands Road, Harpsden

Gloria Wright, Twyford


Diana Zatouroff, Baronsmead, Henley

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