Saturday, 12 June 2021

Slow and steady exercise lets you listen to your body

Slow and steady exercise lets you listen to your body

IT’S the New Year and many will be renewing their commitment to physical fitness. Great!

One of the most important factors in natural health is participating in a regular exercise programme.

However when we allow our gym routine to slide, restarting a physical fitness programme too quickly and too intensely provides the perfect platform for injury.

Overused muscles can lead to injury and scar tissue, thus restricting motion and causing pain.

Take it slow and steady. Listen to your body rather than racing towards
re-attaining fitness. Allow joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments time to adapt to the challenge. Your body will firm up, strengthen and stretch as you regain vitality.

Don’t forget the other factors to consider when restoring the body after the festive season. Ensure you eat properly and cut out sugars and bad fats and stock up on fruit and vegetables. Drink plenty of water. Sleep balances your body’s hormones, slows the ageing process and decreases risk factors associated with many illnesses.

Also consider regular chiropractic care as a complement to your exercise regime, helping to keep your body balanced and working at its best.

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