Friday, 17 September 2021

Our ‘hot cross eggs’ are filled with spiced truffles

Our ‘hot cross eggs’ are filled with spiced truffles

GORVETT & Stone make handmade Easter eggs at their shop in Duke Street in Henley using the very best French Valrhona chocolate.

They have a fantastic range of Easter egg designs and fabulous Easter egg boxes including their Orangette Egg, a dark 70 per cent cocoa chocolate egg infused with blood orange flavour and orange peel dipped in dark chocolate inside, and their brand new “Hot Cross Egg” made with mixed spices and filled with spiced truffles.

As in the past you can buy eggs to order filled with your favourite chocolate truffles.

Gorvett & Stone also have a range of beautiful mini eggs and chocolate Easter figures, bunnies and chicks. Their award-winning chocolate cinder toffee is available in “egg form” as well as a range of handmade truffles, chocolate shards and dipped fruit and nuts.

If you want to hear about Gorvett & Stone’s newest creations, why not follow them on Twitter (@gorvettandstone), Facebook and Instagram?

Gorvett & Stone are based at 21 Duke Street, Henley, RG9 1UR. For more information, call (01491) 414485 or visit

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