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Play therapy can change children’s lives

Play therapy can change children’s lives

HAVE you ever considered training as a play therapist?

If you have at least two years’ experience of working with children in a professional capacity such as teaching, nursing, or social work and are able to study at postgraduate level, then play therapy could be an attractive career for you.

When fully qualified, you will be able to work full or part time and employed, contracted or as an independent practitioner in private practice.

Although this is one profession dominated by women — 97 per cent of registrants — there are equal opportunities for men.

There’s also a large latent demand for registered play therapists throughout the UK which is expected to become taken up when the recommendations of the government’s green paper on “Transforming Children’s and Young People’s Mental Health Provision” are implemented.

Play therapy was recognised in April 2013 by the accreditation of Play Therapy UK’s Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists by the Professional Standards Authority — an independent government-funded agency overseeing all health and social care professions.

It’s important that your training qualifies you for this register to give you public credibility and protection.

You’ll be trained to work with children who have a wide range of problems — the most common of which are family and social relationship problems, anger management, bereavement and loss, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, depression, ADHD and autistic spectrum.

Using the Integrative Holistic model the children choose what to do in the playroom from a wide range of creative art media, including sandtray worlds, drawing and painting, clay, music, puppets, dance/movement and therapeutic story.

You will be trained to communicate with the children using the medium that they have chosen.

Witnessing the change in their lives is wonderful — it will change your life as well!

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