Thursday, 23 September 2021

Now visitors to care home are being unfairly fined as well

VISITORS to the Chilterns Court care centre at the Townlands complex are now being fined unfairly by Smart Parking.

Claudine Russell was penalised after attending a meeting with care manager Maggie Coleman on April 24. She said she was aware of parking issues at the site so was careful to write down her car registration number and asked the receptionist for directions to the keypad.

Mrs Russell, who works at funeral directors A B Walker & Son in Reading Road, Henley, said: “I followed all the instructions and didn’t think anything about it until I got the fine in the post.

“I phoned the company and explained the situation. She had a look on the system and said I hadn’t entered anything. I was fuming. What is wrong with the system? It’s frustrating because I knew this system was in place.

“I made a conscious effort to write down my number plate so I wouldn’t get it wrong. I did all I could.

“I know of another gentleman who has been caught out by this.”

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