Wednesday, 22 September 2021

21st century school enjoys ‘doing it by the book’

21st century school enjoys ‘doing it by the book’

ST Helen and St Katharine prepares girls and young women for their whole lives, not just the next educational step.

Through the depth and breadth of our curriculum we inspire confident futures, whether that be through the arts and humanities or STEM subjects.

Encouraging curiosity, independence and awareness is a central part of our students’ learning.

In our “connected” world there are important lessons to be learned about social media and digital selfhood.

While the rigours of programming and algorithms excite growing numbers of St Helen’s students studying computer science, the ethical questions around AI and data are also critical explorations.

Good and safe tech habits are encouraged from year five, the school working closely with students and parents to manage online lives and the bombardments of social media. Digital detox weeks and celebrations of “all things book” inspire a sense of balance. We are delighted again this year to be sponsoring two events at the Henley Literary Festival, both featuring extraordinary women. Beloved author Judith Kerr will reflect on a unique life and career, including her latest book Mummy Time, a tale of a child’s adventures while his mother is distracted by her smartphone, and campaigner Helena Kennedy will discuss her new book Eve Was Shamed, a powerful exposé on women in the justice system. Based in Abingdon, St Helen and St Katharine is an independent day school for girls aged nine to 18. The next open day is on Saturday, September 29.

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