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Embark on a journey of lifelong learning

Embark on a journey of lifelong learning

THE Abbey is a vibrant and welcoming community of almost 1,100 girls aged three to 18 years.

Academic excellence is achieved in an environment that is diverse, inclusive and energetic, while an exceptional extracurricular programme enables girls to develop their interests and talents.

Girls are encouraged to strive for their best both intellectually and personally and achievement is celebrated in all its many and varied forms.

At the heart of The Abbey community lies a shared enthusiasm for lifelong learning, underpinned by a relentless intellectual curiosity and spirit of discovery encouraged at every stage of the educational journey.

Supported by a proactive and compassionate pastoral system, every girl from nursery through to sixth form is encouraged to explore her passions, embrace new challenges and question her assumptions.

The result is the development of free-thinking, confident young women equipped with the skills to build a meaningful future in today’s rapidly changing world.

Located within walking distance of Reading Station, the school provides an extensive coach network across Berkshire and Oxfordshire for both junior school and senior school girls. A range of scholarships are available, as well as financial assistance offered via means-tested bursaries.

The Abbey represents a unique and exciting opportunity for any girl with a desire to learn, where inspirational teaching and an ethos that promotes aspiration and balance provide the platform for a successful and fulfilling future.

To quote The Good Schools Guide: “A confident and well run school that knows exactly where it’s going, with happy girls who are stretched and challenged but not pressurised.” (The Abbey Junior School.) “For a high-achieving girls’ school, we found a reassuring lack of pressure. We also found it pleasantly down-to-earth and grounded. For bright girls, this is a fun, supportive and motivating place to be, providing excellent preparation for the modern world.” (The Abbey Senior School.)

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