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Comedian enjoys making memories

Comedian enjoys making memories

THE funeral of a much-loved grandparent is not the usual starting point for a career in comedy, writes Peter Anderson.

But then, as one of the UK’s fastest-rising talents, Sofie Hagen is not your usual comedian.

The 31-year-old, who was born in Denmark and moved to the UK in 2012, is a previous winner of the Edinburgh Best Newcomer Award, a cult podcaster and the author of a new book titled Happy Fat.

She is bringing her new show, The Bumswing, to Norden Farm Centre for the Arts in Maidenhead tomorrow night (Saturday).

The show explores a frankly disheartening piece of information that Sofie learned from her therapist — and which has forced her to review the way she performs stand-up.

It also sees her talk about memory. What she remembers (not a lot), what she wishes she remembered (a lot), and what she wishes she could forget (also a lot).

“At my grandfather’s funeral, something quite morbid — but hilarious — happened,” recalls Sofie.

“I would go around afterwards and tell all my friends and they’d just look really sad or get angry with me for laughing at it.

“Then one night I went with my friend to an open mic comedy night. She took me backstage.

“During our chat with the comedians, I told the story of what happened at the funeral. They all laughed and I thought ‘Maybe I am funny!’ I put the joke in one of my shows and I loved it.”

Tickets for the show, which starts at 8pm and is recommended for ages 14 and up, are £15,

For more information and to book, call the box office on 01628 788997 or visit


Q. Speaking of memory, what memorable things can the audience look forward to from Sofie?

A. “If you’re British, get ready to hear some truths about how us foreigners see you. If you’re not British, join me in laughing at the Brits. But with love, of course. Because I love living here and I do want to stay.

“There’s also a story about the time I went on a sex holiday to a place in your country no one would expect a sex holiday to take place. It’s a funny show, loads of jokes, and there’s a point to it as well, but I won’t give away any spoilers.”

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