Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Surveyors set new standard

Surveyors set new standard

FINDING out more about the condition of a property will be easier thanks to new home survey reports introduced by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

The reports aim to put concise information with images and layperson explanations in the hands of home owners and buyers.

The level of service and what a client can expect from each report will also be made clearer, ensuring customers get the right survey for their property.

The new format used in the reports ensures all information is set out clearly for the reader — including the use of more imagery so that any defective parts of a property are easily identifiable and can be quickly fixed.

The restyled reports come into force alongside the new home survey standard which has already started to be adopted by RICS chartered surveyors since last year.

This introduces new minimum requirements for property condition advice to be provided in a clear and jargon-free way as expected by clients and the public more widely.

Set over three levels, home owners or buyers can clearly identify exactly which survey service they require to inspect a property — whether this is a top-level inspection, an independent valuation or a more thorough and in-depth inspection of the building, its services and grounds.

They will be taken through the options by qualified chartered surveyors using their professional expertise and local knowledge.

Ana Bajri, senior specialist for property standards at RICS, said: “A home survey is a vital part in making someone’s dream home theirs to own, as it provides a complete picture before contracts are signed.

“Consumer feedback showed that 40 per cent of those who didn’t get a survey did not believe they needed one, with 28 per cent of those who were dissatisfied saying the information didn’t meet their expectations, 23 per cent saying the language of the information was unclear and 11 per cent saying their survey didn’t accurately report the condition of the property.

“We took the existing survey reports back to the drawing board, consulted with our consumers and our professionals and found a way to bring more clarity to the market, which ensures the highest standards are being delivered and maintains trust in our members’ services.”

For more information, visit www.rics.org/uk

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